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  • Welcome to Vista Week - Michael Wallent: Windows Vista for Developers

    Is there an official list of unsupported Windows API for Vista ? I tried ACT but it didn't help a lot. For example, I found out RasEditPhonebookEntry is no longer supported in Vista. I am pretty sure there are more. I would like to get a list to check against my app.

  • Arun Kishan - Process Management in Windows Vista

    Great and detailed on Porcess/Thread. I have been using threads in user mode and it is nice to know more about the implementation of process/thread in O/S. I am not sure if I understand 100% about the subject(s) (I probably need to revisit the clip again). One thing I don't get it is system process (pid = 4) and system idle process. How they are related and who got created first?