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  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Office ​Communicati​on Server 2007 with Sanjay Jain

    Dear Sir,

    Currently have these servers:
    -Win2k3 Enterprise AD
    -Win2k3R2Sp2 64bit Exchange 2007
    -Win2k3 Enterprise OCS2007 (Office Communication Server)
    -Win2k3 Enterprise CRM4+SQL2005+CRM Email Router

    And these client
    -WinXP1+Office Communicator 2007
    -WinXP2+Office Communicator 2007

    All pcs above in 1 subnet
    send IM between Communicator 2007 is working

    I am following this URL
    But I can't get presence appear in my CRM4 contact "Full Name" column
    What I did was just tick "Enable presence on this column"

    -In my setting I separate OCS than CRM4 server. Do I need to install it in 1 server
    -How CRM4 know where OCS server located.


    -install Add/Remove Programs-Windows Components-Application Server

    -insert CD
    -click Deploy Standard Edition Server
    click Prepare Active Directory
    Step 1. Prep Schema
    click Run
    Step 3 Prep Forest
    click Run
    Step 5 Prep Current Domain
    click Run

    -open the CD again
    -click Step 2 Deploy Server
    -Welcome to the Deploy Server Wizard
    -License Agreement
    I accept the terms in the license agreement
    -Location for Server Files
    -Main Service Account for Standard Edition Server
    click Create A New Account
    Account Name: RTCService
    Password: user123
    Confirm Password: user123
    -Component Service Account for this Standard Edition Server
    AccoPassword: user123
    Confirm Password: user123
    -Web Farm FQDNs
    Internal web farm FQDN: ocs.poc.net
    External Web farm FQDN (optional): ocs.poc.net
    -Location for Database Files
    Persistent user database
    Database: C:\LC Data\
    Transaction logs: C:\LC Log\
    Transient user database
    Database: C:\LC Data\
    Transaction logs: C:\LC Log\
    -Ready to Deploy Server

    -Step 3 Configure Server
    click Run

    -download selfssl from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=56FC92EE-A71A-4C73-B628-ADE629C89499
    -run selfssl
    -type "selfssl.exe /N:CN=ocs.poc.net /V:730 /T
    -Step 4 Configure Certificate
    click Run
    -Welcome to the Certificate Wizard
    -Available Certificate Tasks
    click Assign an existing certificate
    -Available Certificates
    click ocs.poc.net
    -Configure the Certificate(s) of your Server
    -Certificate Wizard completed successfully