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  • Seventeen Minutes With Bill

    I think Bill is being a little hard on himself when he mentions the amount of time it has taken between releases.


    I think some of the lessons learned during the highs and lows of the dot com era have led many of us to believe that a conservative approach is frequently more prudent. Especially considering the extent applications have infiltrated the enterprise and mesh with our personal lives.


    I think there is still a little kid in many of us who still want the latest greatest toys available yesterday. However, the hybrid combination of well thought out products and robust feature rich collaborative and useable products have become a standard for Microsoft.


    I think Mr.Gates should be proud of the contributions Microsoft has made to society and should feel satisfied seeing many of his predictions made in “The Road Ahead” continue to come to fruition.


    Enjoy your day,


    Kevin Cunniff

    Bristol, TN USA