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    Hi guys

    I am brand new to Channel 9.  Charles i would like to say a big well done, i thought the show was a nice break from the normal serious videos that i watch on here.  don't get me wrong, i love the serious ones, but it is nice to have a light hearted vid on here now and again.  I understand what eagle and others are saying, but i feel a little light hearted entertainment in the MS field is a good thing.  To be honest, i was working on a Visual C++ code that wasn't working and starting to do my head in, i watched that video which totally took my mind off of it, went back after and saw the fault straight away.  therefore it was a nice distraction.

    I would say a few things though that i did not really like.

    1.   Please can you be a bit more in-depth with the topics, as others point out, we know more than the average
    2    Be fun, be chatty, but please less head banging, it did put me off a bit

    All in all guys, it was a good start.  Look at the end of the day, it made me favourite the site, that is a good thing in my opinion..  Smiley

    Keep it up.  When is the next episode?