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  • Web Development and Deployment with Visual Studio 2010

    I spent the last hour or so watching the video and taking notes - very informative. My area of concern is ASP.NET. I have a question about Packages deployment and the software lifecycle: What is the relationship of packages to ALM/source control products like VSTS/TFS and Serena's Dimensions? Am I correct in assuming that packages could be controlled as objects in an ALM product? How would the equivalent of One Click deployment be initiated when the ALM product "pushes" a package to a target web server or distribution point such as SureSync?

    I have another question. This one concerns web.config transforms. I'd appreciate your comments on protecting sensitive data in web.config files, specifically, passwords in connection strings and the relationship of such to transforms.

    I have another question. Have you ever considered the philosophy that an application (web.config) should not contain any plaftorm-specific settings? Any such settings would either be fetched at runtime from a settings database or inherited from a web.config in a parent directory. Like many, my organization has wrestled for years with changing settings as a web app migrates from dev to QA to production. We even had Microsoft Consulting Services create a utility that gets added as a reference to a VS setup project that, in effect, performs transforms.

    Again, I look forward to VS2010 and will try to find time to evaluate the Beta. Because this post is a little old, I'll also email my comment.