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Nic Fillingham nic Easily Distracted
  • Channel 9 Live at PDC10 - How Did We Do?

    @ZippyV I'm really sorry we weren't able to get to your questions. It was difficult at times to identify the legitimate tweets vs spam and/or nonsensical comments for some of the more popular sessions due to volume.

    Would email have been a better option?

    Incidentally what were your questions? Perhaps we can still get them answered Smiley

  • Channel 9 Live at PDC10 - How Did We Do?

    @SteveRichter Do you mean Access the product or "access" as in '...to Microsoft people'?

    And when you say overproduced - are you referring to Channel 9 Live at PDC10 or just Channel 9 in general? I'm interested in your Channel 9 Live feedback specifically in this thread.

  • Channel 9 Live at PDC10 - How Did We Do?

    @aL_ Wonderful feedback. Thank you. We are constantly looking at how we can improve on the Twitter itegration and I hope to implement a system similar to what you have described soon(ish)

    And thank you @aL_ for your great questions throughout the day. You were definately our No. 1 caller Smiley

    @kettch Were there any questions in particular that you asked that were not answered? I know that for Anders and Scott Guthrie we had a tonne of questions coming in and just couldn't get to them all

  • Channel 9 Live at PDC10 - How Did We Do?

    Hey Niners

    Did you catch any of the Channel 9 Live at PDC10 coverage?

    I'd love to get your feedback on what you liked and what you thought might need improvement.

    Some known Issues:
    - We had a few audio sync and microphone issues across the two days
    - An encoder crashed on day 1 which resulted in some lost video
    - There were also some additional minor encoder hiccups which made the stream a little jumpy at times

    Also, we didn't get as many questions submitted live as we would have liked. If you watched live but DIDN'T submit a question (either via the player Q&A or through Twitter).... how come?

    What could we have done differently to get you to submit a question?

    And finally - what topics or people were missing that you'd like to see next time?

    Cheers -Nic

  • Channel 9 LIVE at TechEd ALL DAY TODAY! Tune in!

    Hey Niners! We're live from TechEd all day (again) today - tune in and send us questions (or just heckle) via Twitter @ch9live


    Bob Muglia, Bill Laing, Mark Russinovich and Jeffrey Snover will be on plus lots of other great guests.


    To watch go here: http://www.msteched.com/


    Full session schedule: http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/NicFill/Channel-9-Live-at-TechEd-North-America-2010/


    Cheers -Nic

  • MetroTwit beta is up

    longzheng said:
    RoyalSchrubber said:

    We definitely looked at the Zune desktop UI as the starting point to do a Metro-like experience in a desktop client. We also draw a lot of inspiration from the Metro guidelines on WP7S, but obviously not all of that is applicable on the desktop.


    In areas like the notifications, we're trying some UX concepts of our own with the "Metro" philosophy in mind.

    This could be a dumb question but can MetroTwit handle more than one account simultaneously?


    Brilliant client BTW. Simple, elegant, stupidly easy to read and use. Well done Long.

  • Your Favourite Guitar

    LarryLarsen said:

    I can't get down to one favorite guitar, but I'll tell you about my two favorite. The first would be my Green Jem.


    Loch Ness Green Ibanez Jem #103

    Originally my personal website (www.greenjem.com) was used to track the first 777 green Ibanez Jem guitars. They are all signed and numbered by Steve Vai. Mine is #103 and also has "To Larry" written on the back from Steve Vai. You'll see it has one of the very rare wrist rests on it that never actually shipped with the Jem because Kramer had a patent that it violated and wouldn't license to Ibanez.


    The second is a guitar I built myself.



    This one uses a Ibanez Saber neck and has a body that I built myself and electronics from a Saber. The body has two monkey grips instead of one, huge access cut away, the body is cut as thin as a Parker Fly, the front is signed (and scribbled on) by Joe Satriani, the back is signed by Steve Vai and Joe Dispangi (the guy who invented the Jem line of guitars). Evolution pickup in the bridge. The paint job was done by Darren Michaels, a buddy of mine who did all the original swirl paint jobs on the Jem and Universe guitars. This color scheme was eventually used in one of the G3 tours so the guitar matches very well with a couple of the posters from that tour that are also signed by everyone in G3. This one also has a Lo Pro Edge II tremelo and a rare wrist rest.


    All of these and more hang in my office at home.

    I have an SG 61 Reissue which is probably my favourite at the moment - it's also my most recent acquisition.


    Being Aussie I also fly the flag with a Maton Acoustic E325C and a Master Sound which is has a very retro feel but is a lot of fun to play.


    Maton E325C   Maton Master Sound

  • http://www.​msdev.com/ Why on Why MS?

    You're right - it is disjointed.


    Whilst I don't want to point fingers or sound overtly defensive the issue stems from the fact that Microsoft is a "pretty big" company these days and there are lots and lots of business groups that talk to developers in various capacities and about different topics.


    That site is (I believe) specifically for ISV's which is a subset of the broader "developer" population.


    Also there isn't one single marketing department that makes these decisions for the whole company.... there's dozens if not 100's... Tongue Out


    But you're right - there should be better coordination.

  • Your thoughts on Hotmail?

    Minh said:
    blowdart said:

    Glad to see you coming over to the good side, blowdart


    ... seriously though, I know Hotmail has LOTS of users... But I don't know of a single developer who uses Hotmail as their e-mail acct... Perhaps this is the wrong crowd to ask for feedback

    @Minh Actually you guys are the PERFECT crowd to be getting feedback from.


    Most of issues listed above are not exclusive to developers; if these were addressed they would benefit the majority such as speeding up the site or improving the SPAM filtering.


    Developers are a smaller subset of the general populase (versus... say... "Tweens") but you guys are able to provide extremely tangible (and technical) feedback for the Hotmail team to study which is incredibly valuable.


    Thanks everyone so far for your comments - keep them coming Smiley

  • Your thoughts on Hotmail?

    Hey Niners


    How many of you use Hotmail?


    Like it: what do you like? Don't like it: what elements need work?


    Given last nights blog post outlining details on some of the new WL Hotmail features coming in "Wave 4" (...like 10GB per email for attachments... HOLY CRAP!??) I thought I'd check in to see what you all thought of the new features and whether or not you had any questions for the Hotmail team.


    Context: http://windowsteamblog.com/windows_live/b/windowslive/archive/2010/05/17/re-inventing-windows-live-hotmail-the-next-generation-of-personal-email.aspx


    Let me know here in the Coffeehouse and I'll include them in a piece I'm shooting later this week.


    Cheers -Nic