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  • PJ Hough and others - First look at next version of Sharepoint

    Been working with SharePoint for some time and it's cool, but a lot of features seem missing. For instance, I would definitely feel the need for end users to be able to personalize WSS sites too. Why can they not get that feature?

    Also, at the portal level, be able to show data from any area without having to go through FrontPage and manipulate a lot of code and data. Ex. I needed to have a end user be able to show a Document library from one area to another, and it was just not possible. I could insert a data view using FrontPage, but it is not the same as getting a web part of the document library.

    Also, would like to be able to manage and create new alert settings for end users as Administrator. It is possible to manage alerts that end users have already created, but how about if an admin wants to setup new mandatory alerts for end users? There is no such feature in v2?

    Will these features be available in the next version?

    How can we join the beta testing group for v3?

    Thanks a lot guys.