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  • Chris Auld - PDC09 Architecting and Developing for Windows Azure

    Hi, I can't wait for PDC and I've signed up for your workshop.


    What I'd really like to see is something similar to the following scenario:


    A user needs to perform some heavy calculations (say, correlate 5000 time series).

    The user then sends request to the application (Silverlight?) that forwards 2500 (one for each pair of series) messages to a queue for worker processes.

    Each worker picks up the message and reads a pair of time series from Azure storage (or SQL Azure) and calculates the correlation value.

    How would the workers all return their results to the application and how would the application return it to the client (service bus??) ?


    This is the main area in which I see great potential for a cloud besides the points mentioned in the video.


    See you in november Smiley