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  • Exploring C# Productivity in Visual Studio 2017

    @kaseyu: Probably the primary reason I (and most people) use Visual Studio (or if they use some other development tool) is so they can more easily see what they can (or can't) do without needing to spend a lot of time searching online. I think Visual Studio does a great job of this for most things, but one thing that it took me a while to figure out that I couldn't do in Visual Studio 2017 Community was Unit Testing. I think it would be nice if Visual Studio gave some kind of notification that a feature was unavailable in the version being used, or gave you the option to not list unavailable features. I always get very frustrated when I see Intellisense for something that I later find out I can't use.

  • LEGO Mindstorms EV3 API

    @Gert Heriksen: I tried to use MonoBrick, and I'm sure that it works when done correctly, but I found this one much easier to configure. I spent a long time trying to get MonoBrick to work, but never succeeded. But when I found this, I was able to get it installed, setup, and working in just a day or two. I think both are probably great and probably relatively easy to use once they are setup, but I still recommend Lego.EV3 because CodePlex has good forums and is very reliable. Also, the fact that Lego.EV3 can be installed using NuGet in Visual Studio is a good bonus.