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  • Catharine van Ingen: Software ​Architectur​e, Global Warming, MIPS and Hydrology

    I'm not sure it's bad to be a little artificial.  These are not conversations with people about what they're working on, but rather mini-biographies of Distinguished Engineers for both internal and external marketing purposes.  I, for one, like them as they are, though perhaps I'd like to see a slightly less stiff interviewer. 

    I think this interview was the best one yet for Behind the Code, because I feel like the interviewer is getting the hang of it more and CvI seems to be a really interesting character.  She reminds me a lot of one of my favorite teachers: quirky, driven, and not afraid to speak her mind whether it's politically correct or not.  Her cowboyish attitude is probably dangerous in general if applied everywhere in a software project, but it seems like she and her team were skillful eough to pull things off without breaking too many people.  I think Rob Short used her data structure in his Behind the Code show as well... hmm...

  • ARCast.TV - Project Web21C @ British Telecom

    This is really awesome.  I hope you guys deploy this widely so that we don't have to wait on hold anymore for customer service.

  • Office UI - New Licensing Story

    Notice that pyramid of black cubes in the video on Jensen's desk?


    I'm willing to bet that those represent patents on the ribbon interface.  I wouldn't be surprised if all but one or two are for various aspects of the ribbon.  The ribbon is definitely a patentable idea, so it makes sense that MSFT owns IP on this.

  • Brandon Bray: VC++ 2005

    If you're using a handle like T^ myVar = new T, can you pass this object to other functions and have the marshalling done for you?  Is there logic to automatically pin the data?