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  • Lisa Feigenbaum - Code Snippets in Visual Studio

    I'm still looking for an answer re adding a snippet folder at a shared server location.  
    (1) easily update all our current developer desks, and new developer desks, to include a shared snippet folder on a server
    (2) easily add new snippet subfolders and snippets to the shared folder such that they automatically show up the next time a developer selects the shared snippet folder, without running some kind of per-workstation update to see the new snippets


    ps - Also still looking for MS to (1) implement preview so developers can see what is going to be added, before actually inserting the snippet, and (2) fix HelpURL so that it actually works to link to related instructions if provided
  • Kim Cameron - Identity Laws

    From comments here so far, I think a lot of folks are still confusing concerns about identity (who is it 'really') with concerns about credentials (was there a valid credential entered that i am willing to trust at my site).  Regarding identity, most sites today do not really care.  The user can enter any name and address they want as long as item is shipped to correct address.   So issues about sharing identity items and whether they are 'real' are both technically and logically separates issues from credentials, and are often site-specific (and frankly they should often be for privacy reasons).  

    So I think infocard is a super implementation of globally reusable credentials (not Microsoft specific, other than as a potentially trusted provider).  This is true regardless of what kind of identity claims are tied to any given credential.  Infocard enables but does not require use as a simpler way to type identity info like a ship-to address, and that can work regardless of whether it's always the same or not.

    However, I do strongly agree with concerns about scope and timeframe of valid reuse fo both credentials and identity claims.  I'd very much like to see standard capability to easily checkmark and timestamp user-authorized valid reuse of both credentials and claims information for use at a given site.  Sites cooperating in their own self-interest with this mechanism will automatically recognize their local copy of claim info is marked as invalid due to expiration stamp and ask via standard infocard prompts whether you want to recertify or update the site's copy of previously authorized info, based on your currently chosen infocard claims data.  Haven't seen anything on this yet, if not there please get it into next release cycle.
  • InfoCard Explained

    fun demo.  i've been emailing suggestion to use exactly this approach to ms and others for the last 10 years (client-chosen logons they can select and use at sites that publish what kinds of logons they trust - exactly like a restaurant says we take visa/mc).  sure makes my day to see it actually implemented.  super job

    my question is re use context.  if i'm at a non-personal workstation how do i access and use my infocards?  via a trusted website?  for example, can i logon to passport from anywhere via traditional logon/password, then use any of my passport-stored infocards to access other sites?