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  • First look at 5 features of IE9 RC

    I love IE9 and don't want to sound too negative but it seems Microsoft hasn't left in options for users who want more functionality in the UI. The RSS button for instance is gone, and in turn so are "web-slices" (not that they were a great success).


    The entire favourites and RSS feed system needs a revamp in the UI department- right now organising and accessing such tools is more difficult than it has to be.

  • Microsoft Acquires Powerset

    I would disagree, I think Microsoft does better than Google for search, especially in Maps, Images and Video- this Powerset aquisition could potentially fill the void in Web search. The idea that it's a waste because a company "does just fine" isn't going to lead to any innovation and frankly Google disappoints me on a regular basis, so I for one really love MS being in the picture.

    My main concern is that the Powerset aquisition won't have a big enough effect to help MS on mindshare- people can and will move from one to another e.g. MySpace → Facebook, granted searching means a completely different sort of problem but semantic search could be the key- I just hope Powerset gets enough resources to sort out all of the rough edges (of which there are many).

    Aquisitions like:

    Medstory etc

    Are fantastic and have caused many friends of mine to take another look, people just aren't satisfied until they get a solution that works for everything in one place... which Powerset may fertilise.