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  • Nick Baker: XBox 360 Architecture

    Interesting vid! 

    Shamrock:  It's absolutely ridiculous to blame someone responsible for the conceptual design of the console, for hardware issues.   Clearly the issue lies with the manufacturing process, and someone somewhere decided to save costs and go about the way they did.  I highly doubt that Nick Baker was responsible for that.

    One problem here is that there are people who are rightfully mad when they read up on why and how the issue exists.  But at the same time, a lot of people are venting and simply looking like crazies. 

    "Considering that the failing Xbox 360 problems are in the MINORITY, and MOST Xbox 360's are NOT loud, what is there to address?

    You people crack me up with your FUD spread."

    It is quite clear that this is an issue that affects every single 360 built.  I suppose you could put a percentage on how many have failed, but a more interesting percentage is:  How many of the 360s out there are prone to these issues?  The answer is:  100%.  100% of 360 consoles are prone to these issues, it can happen to any of them.  There is nothing differentiating one that has broke, and one that hasn't. 

    Now, I'm discounting the attempted change on the Elite.  Thus far we don't have stories of people on their 6th Elite and we'll see how that holds up, but it is very apparent that it was a half hearted attempt at a fix.  You would think that MS would have wanted to end this issue once and for all and go with a solid, permanent fix.