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  • win7 rc1 candidate 7057

    I've also noticed in 7057 a strange problem with multiple monitors.  This didn't seem to happen in previous builds. One of my three monitors refuses to allow interaction with the desktop. That means I cannot drop files or folders on it. If I try to, they show up on the first monitor instead. Anyone else seeing this happen?

    Another one I have seen on multiple machines is Outlook 2007 prompting for credentials several times (usually 3) in a row before it will let me view the inbox on a Hotmail account. The Outlook Connector works with the prompting, but I like it much better not having to use an add-on to access my Hotmail. Just started doing this on Windows 7, but never did it on Vista.

  • win7 rc1 candidate 7057

    jamie said:
    jamie said:
    ps - all my drives look like this now.. not sure why..

    and last - i think there is a bug in the desktop in general.
    I have my center monitor selected as "This is my main display"
    but everytime i save something to desktop - or arrange icons - they all fly to the left monitor
    Those locking icons have to do with private files and folders per your HomeGroup configuration, right? I see them poping up all over on my system as well. Maybe they'll make more sense when and if I ever use HomeGroups.

  • VS 2008 build time increased by factor of 50 over VS2005

    bozito wrote:

     Since we were only talking about VB projects, it didn't seem to fit into the discussion.

    Because according to the documentation, the option you said you set only applies to Visual C++ projects. You were thinking it applied to VB projects and I was calling your attention to the fact that it does not. I was only trying to help you out there. See the above posts for more info.

    bozito wrote:
    By the way, don't you think that you owe me an apology for implying that I was lying about developing one of the first IDEs?  And for being a condescending little jerk while you were at it?   I don't really expect you to, but I do think I have it coming.

    No insult was meant regarding your comment of having written one of the first IDEs. I'm sure you were proud of your work back then. But since your description doesn't entirely fit the definition of an IDE, that's the reason some were not taking your statement as gospel. Evildictator was right; it's hard to think of tools 20 years back as IDEs when compared to the huge set of tools in something modern like VS 2008. And I for one am grateful for the platform verification since I deploy applications to any WinMo device. But I see where you would be irritated since you only deploy to one or a limited number of devices.

  • VS 2008 build time increased by factor of 50 over VS2005

    When you tell VS to build a project, it will always build a project. Perhaps you are thinking of "re-building" a project? And did you see my last message about the building when out of date feature only applying to Visual C++ projects? I'm a little confused as to what you are concerned about in the build process. Can you elaborate?

  • VS 2008 build time increased by factor of 50 over VS2005

    bozito wrote:

    Do you feel somehow justified in attempting to ridicule a new user because they did not figure everything out the first time?  Is that what this forum is for?  It was my impression that this forum was to help people.  And a lot of people did help me with this problem, yourself included.  But you were the only one who saw fit to try to embarass me and make me feel humiliated for not getting it all right on the first pass.   I don't understand why you felt that was necessary. 

    Frankly you set yourself up for it when you claimed to write the first IDE 22 years ago. You can't come in saying that you used to write IDE's and that VS 2008 is immature when you had these rather basic problems. I mean how id you write an IDE if you are indicating trouble navigating through VS? Honest question.

    bozito wrote:
    As to always building even when the project is not out of date, I took your advice and deployed the app twice in a row without doing a single thing in between, getting a full diagnostic log both times.  Both times it completely rebuilt the entire application.  The log file is 1279 lines long in both cases.  Every single VB module was recompiled both times.  And for what it is worth, I changed the Build and Run setting to Build Never before running this test. 

    I'm glad you were able to find a solution to your problem as referred to in your nxt post. But what in the diagnostics log indicated that it was rebuilding everything? I tried tracing your steps and there is no indication in my diagnostics log that it does so. My came out to be almost 3,000 lines, which indicates to me the size of your project. For what its worth, if you read the documentation on that feature it only applies to Visual C++ projects.
    bozito wrote:
    So please tell me again why I should stop saying that it always completely rebuilds projects, even when they are not out of date. 

    See above.

  • VS 2008 build time increased by factor of 50 over VS2005

    vesuvius wrote:

    This is what I referred to earlier, but he indicated that he wasn't generating XML documentation, which is what this Hotfix addresses.

  • VS 2008 build time increased by factor of 50 over VS2005

    bozito wrote:
    Thank you for your help but I don't think your insut was justified.   I can't even find the options in Visual Studio because they aren't there, at least not on my system.  I suspect that it is because my project is  a VB project, and yours is VC++.  Did you attempt to see if there might be a reason for what I stated rather than flaming me?  

    Ever since VS.NET came out almost 8 years ago, you have been able to go to Tools > Import and Export Settings to make these changes. Your issue with the IDE has to do with the development settings you chose at startup and not so much about the kind of project you have.
    bozito wrote:

    But as to IDEs, if you think that VS is the best thing out there, I suggest you take a look at Eclipse.   At least it doesn't do 8 minute builds unnecessarily. And besides being of the very highest quality, it has the added advantage of being free and open source.

    You should gather from this thread that the people are trying to help you with your setup and that this is not normal for VS. And by the way, you should be able to see from the info coming out of MS Build that VS is NOT completely rebuilding your application every time, so you need to quit saying that it is.

    Did he just say Eclipse? Perplexed
    bozito wrote:

    I will be happy to contact the proper people at MS about the performance problem.  Do you happen to know how to contact them?

    Contact Microsoft support or via your MSDN subscription and they will be happy to assist.

  • VS 2008 build time increased by factor of 50 over VS2005

    bozito wrote:
    Ok, well if you were referring to me, I know quite well what a dll is and what a compilation is and how it works.  I have been doing software development professionally for 40 years now.  I just haven't been using Visual Studio and, as I said, I needed to do some research to figure out how to separate code out of the forms and create a class library. 

    You seem to be one of a few who have this kind of problem. Persons here have tried to offer direction and you can't even find these options in Visual Studio. Today it's important to know to find answers to these questions quickly, such as contacting Microsoft directly or using Google. I'm not sure to which IDE you are referring to, but I can assure you that VS is the best out there today. Perhaps there is just a setting you have wrong?

  • VS 2008 build time increased by factor of 50 over VS2005

    Figures... scary that you need to offer such an explanation here, but that may be what's needed. It amazes me of how many devs use VS and have no idea of how compilation even works.

    That being said, there are a few known bugs with the way VS2008 builds mobile projects, one of which is that build times will steadily increase every time per windows session. Restart you machine and you will see the builds go faster.

    You might also try submitting your question to the VB performance team. This is their job.

  • Methods of protecting .net exe's from ​decompilati​on?

    CodeGuru123 wrote:

    By protecting our product the way we do, the amount of time it would take to crack is similar to the amount of time it would take to develop the new products the hard way.. the way we currently do.

    If we released our application in unprotected .net form, it would be only a matter of time before our market share was decreased substantially due to the fact that we'd lose our edge of being first to market. We might still be first, but the second to market companies would follow very shortly after us, unlike now where we have a year or so or more...

    There seems to be this arrogance that code written in an application is the only way the job could have been accomplished. So if a competitor wanted to duplicate your application, he would need to write it exactly like you did.

    A couple years ago a huge portion of the Windows 2000 source was released. Did that instantly spawn new OSes and allow the competition to take over Windows? It's easier in most all cases to duplicate the functionality of an application by writing it yourself rather than trying to decompile and understand someone else's source code.

    So the questions asked earlier of who and why people would want your source code is very relavent.

    And yes, there are many many major applications written in .NET.