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  • Microsoft announces Kin! The next Windows Phone (Formerly code named Pink): Full Demo

    Cool things :

    Right UI implementation. Diferent, but for the given task (social sharing) right.

    MS is doing somethig new, refreshing.

    Form factor is cool. Soap design (e.g. Paln Pre)

    For the first time brand name is kinda cool (short name, clear word) KIN


    Bad things :

    Target: 10-14 e.g. heavy betting on teenagers.

    KIN is like KINDER, bad marketing though, anousement should have been "Get the KIN" phone for your kids:)))

    KINder Phone etc.

    Black hardware design is depressing, must be colorfull and skinnable.

    I don't know why is for rich and powerfull comany like microsoft it's so hard to do marketing, product naming etc.

    Why everything must be tagged WIndows? Who cares what is inside? If it works everyone will be interested to find answer of this question?


    Windows brand have BAD reputation, its almoust "dirty" word after big VISTA.

    Windows its not cool enough, and sorry to say it never will be. I personally think that it's time to ditch Windows brand.

    Microsoft OS7, or OS7, OS7 Mobille, OS7 Business, OS7 etc..


    I deeply hope Microsoft to change, to be more creative and more experimental.

    More open sourced.


    I am Mac User and i like the new Microsoft way, it's not copy cat anymore it something new....