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  • This Week on Channel 9: April 25th Episode

    Elephant in the room:
    I have watched a few videos on Live Mesh. No one has talked about how collaboration will work with Live Mesh. If Odujosh and Charles are both editing a document on the mesh online how is merging handled.

    What if we both edit the same sentence without checking for a synch. How is the interactivity scenario for this handled.
  • Scott Guthrie: What's Coming for Mix, Part 1: IIS7 for Developers

    irascian wrote:
    Good to have this broken down into digestible 15 minute chunks. (Looking forward to part 2).

    Thanks for listening on the "videos need to be shorter" front

    Insert opposing High bandwidth position here.

    We would like:
    -Full Video
    -Video in parts

    AT THE SAME TIME Wink Seriously.


    A streaming solution that has chapters inserts. Where you can skip ahead by chapter for both crowds.

  • Everything you wanted to know about VC++ deployment but were afraid to ask

    sakisp wrote:
    Charles wrote:
    Interesting point of view. I don't agree, however. Follow these guidelines! They will save you from much grief...

    I do that Charles whenever is possible, but I was not talking about me.
    Most of the software industry "big-names" (not to mention 99% of shareware vendors), ignore these guidelines when designing their products deployment.

    Wow you must be a busy guy working with so many companies to make such generalizations. So do you hop companies every week. Or are you making something up to have a point. I vote for the latter.
  • Choosing the Right LINQ Model for Your Application

    You go one thing wrong:
    You said Linq to Dataset is the only one that supports change tracking.

    Linq to SQL also does. Only reason to use LINQ to Dataset is if you have a bunch of datasets laying around from ADO.NET 2.0 work.

  • Code To Live: Jay Wren on the Boo Programming Language

    Too much editing and cut scenes. Let the guy talk Smiley
  • Shawn Burke : Discussing the Release of .NET Source Code

    If I see another post on this. I will go postal... Just tell people to read ScottGu blog as a general rule and stop spamming my Google Reader!Smiley

    Want to make the killer RSS ag app? Add a Delete all post with ___ URL option .
  • Tony Bernard on BizTalk

    Yay does this mean Rory is back. WB buddy.
  • Programming JSON with WCF in .NET Framework 3.5

    I think the commentary is be smarter about how you distribute dlls. If 2.0 folder exists. Use the DLLs you can there and just add 3.0 dlls ADDITIVE DLLs.

    The unabashed truth and maybe you can comment on this more:
    Microsoft takes the least resistant path to distribution. Not the smartest.

    If Microsoft wanted to it could logically figure out which DLLs are needed and install those.

    The answer you are shying away from, Matt is Microsoft is not committed to optimizing the framework install process. 

  • Kevin Moore: New Features in WPF 3.5

    Ask a Ninja segment during Mix was classic. Sorry about not turning in an evaluation. You probably couldn't have done it better.
  • Andreas Ulbrich demonstrates the Microsoft Visual Programming Language

    I kinda got the feeling at mix with some of the Data initiatives Microsoft does a lot of skunk works. Many teams are working on the same problem from different angles and possibly different domains.

    Some initiatives die a not so pretty death, others flourish, while others mutate onto the successful version. Competiveness breeds quality.

    Popfly- A way to weld web serves together visually through use of a code generator.
    MVP- A way to program without using textual code. Big limatation no backend code. Be curious to see if there is any xaml/xml that you could generate.
    WorkFlow Foundation- A runtime for running workflows both visually and programatically.

    I think it would be wise to weld all three together into the next version of work flow. Lets hope we have a volving story instead of we are deprecating Workflow Foundtion. Or here is a new way to do work flow.

  • Expression - Part Four: Web

    In response to Raymond:
    Macromedia and Adobe products are no where near as standards compliant as Expression. I have had to work with both in the past.

    Go live still uses Font tags.

    Macromedia has a glorified text editor for CSS.

    So they offer quite a bit more. If sanity is important to you:)
  • Expression - Part Four: Web

    Looking at pricing for the Web SKU. They  want another grand. I see the code base as synergistic with expression. I would expect Orcas will use WYSIWYG code base from expression web and the WPF tooling from Blend. I am not sure why they would fork code base that should behave the same. For example why wouldn't Visual Studio use the same rich CSS support. Maybe Orcas will leap frog the capability of Expression Web? If so why not  allow people who pay about a grand a year for your tools also have the right to download the stepping stone Expression could represent?

    This has been a silent issue for example channel 9 interviewers have avoided these issues in videos. Whether it was intentional is still to be shown as they now have heard it from at least one watcher who is a little peeved.

    I agree saying it is a disigner tool renigs on past offerings in subscribers downloads like: Office, Frontpage, Acrylic (the alpha verson of Design)

    I think MSDN subscribers deserve an explanation in a very public way. Maybe you could interview the marketing genius that decided this sudden depature from past offerings? I remember grinding my teeth a little when Rory said he would have to try it soon for his website. If Developers are suppose to work with designers. And the Developer pays for a perpetual liscense to yout prime dev tools why not let them try what their counter parts are going to be using just for familiarity sake?
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