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  • Charlie Owen - Your first Media Center/Vista application (and a look at their secret room)

        Without having seen the video yet, and only basing this comment on the screenshot:

        1) Why does everything 'new!' and 'exciting!' look like Mac OS ? I initially thought the screenshot was a comparison of Mac's iDVD, but then noticed things didn't fit properly.

        2) While I'm at it, why is 'securty!' such a buzzword at Microsoft now ? I mean, other folks have been doing it right for a long time. Security is not sexy, and definetly not going to sell PC's.

        I hope that since I'm not directly bashing vista in it's current beta form, folks can realize this isn't a troll, but just two questions that keep bugging me. I really hope Microsoft isn't betting on folks upgrading because of 'me too!' features. Notice whats happening with General Motors right now, after doing just such a thing for years.

  • Mike Arcuri - More business intelligence in Office 2007

    I've been confused lately, with all the talk of Open Documents, and such. Will Office2007 break the OpenOffice compatibility ? I understand there are DRM possibilities with Office2007, and if _that_ is the only restricting portion of the app, it could still be valuable. If the application itself disallowes any non-Office system to read the files at all, it will be a large problem for businesses and users that use the better alternative(s).

    Just a thought.

    Keep up the work.Smiley
  • Michael Lehman - Microsoft Podcasting World HQ

    Opus wrote:
    Isn't "Microsoft Podcasting" something like patronizing the competition?  Sleeping with the enemy? 

    I don't suppose you've ever heard of how copying is the most sincere form of flattery ? The wonderfull thing about letting users CHOOSE what is the best way of doing things is... redundant actually.

    For instance:
    DRM sucks, and restricts users.
    Open Formats (really open, not just a stamp that says 'open') allow users to do what they _want_ with content.
    Open Forums allow users to say what they feel about a product/service/whatever, instead of just a 'poll' that is worded with bias.

    Just like people commenting here, you are not 'sleeping with the enemy' by talking about or using podcasts, beit audio or video. You are showing support for something that interests you, and defining 'cool' instead of drinking the companies 'cool' aid.


    Nice segment by the way. I'm wgetting it to a few 'open' boxes right now. Smiley
  • Alan Cooper - Questions after his keynote

    Users should never see the code, or _others_ should never see the code ?

    Hasn't anyone learned that exposing things to other people is a great way to get perspective ? It almost seems as though the subject's view is that the coder is above all inputs, and cannot be wrong. I'll agree that users have their place, as do marketers, executives, etc, but exposing code to more eyes can ONLY make it better.

  • Otto Berkes - Origami's Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs

    I for one would like to thank the Hardware Makers, whomever they turn out to be, for showing us what doesn't work. M$ may have pushed this pet project into being, but the hardware guys are the ones that gambled here.

    As far as the product itself, I'm subscribing to the 'device not needed' theory. Too small for x, too large for y. Battery life was the final nail in the  coffin.

    I also watched a person, who apparently new the specs, and was familiar with the device give a demo. It was quite sad to see so much hype surrounding a product, so much energy to launch, and such a horribly impossible product to actually USE. The person doing the demo had to constantly stop the conversation, look very closely at the screen, and VERY carefully peck with a stylus.

    Sorry, here's the death list:

    1) battery life
    2) usability, actually the lack thereof
    3) no media drive
    4) no keyboard (thats usable)

    If you can't watch a full movie, or use it like a phone, or even type on it... Is it still a computer ?