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  • How to customize the Remote Monitoring ​Preconfigur​ed Solution for Azure IoT

    @Aaadil: This is a legit question. Here is the difference:

    - IoT Central is a SaaS solution that is managed by Microsoft in terms of scaling, multi-tenancy,...). With IoT Central you can customize the type of devices and the dashboard as well as some rules, all of that form the IoT Central portal itself. You won't have to host the services on an Azure subscription (you actually don't need an Azure subscription to try IoT Central :)

    - The IoT Suite Remote Monitoring Preconfigured solution is a solution that deploys on your Azure Subscription and that you can then configure (down to the PaaS services and micro services) at will. Think of it as a template for building your IoT solution

    Going one way or another very much depends on the level of customization you need/want.

    Hope that clarifies things


  • Simply create a PhoneGap application for Windows Phone 7.5 in Visual Studio 2010

    @Ian2: the short answer to your question is no, this is not something that I am able to tell you today as there is very little that is public about the next version of Windows Phone as of today. However, considering  the popularity of PhoneGap and the fact that this is a community open source framework, you should expect it to support future popular mobile platforms once they are out there.