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  • Jenny Lam - Designing Experiences at Microsoft

    helveticagirl wrote:
    i3x171um wrote:Jenny, do you blog? If not, I absolutely believe you should. I for one would visit it daily. I worship what you do. We don't hear nearly enough from this side of Vista
    You do bring up a question that several folks have been asking and I personally believe we must address it.

    I hope Jenny didn't forget it. They must address it! Smiley
    https://blogs.msdn.com/winux/ is still empty.
  • Jenny Lam - Designing Experiences at Microsoft

    helveticagirl wrote:
    I tried to start a blog at the beginning of the year but failed miserably. Honestly, I don't know how all you people keep up with your blogs and actually get to live life offline. No offense - I love Scoble and the blogging community. Really I do. We're just so focused on fixing bugs and getting the fit and finish nailed right now, who has the time?!

    You do bring up a question that several folks have been asking and I personally believe we must address it.


    Blogging is fun. You can write posts daily or weekly or twice a week - when you have freetime. Or somebody else from your team. I think it would be a very good chance to promote new features of Windows Vista UX. - Probably it's not your business.
    But it would be so great to read a blog where somebody explains Vista UI changes (like Jensen Harris does).
  • Ken Levy - In the field in Switzerland

    This video is only about the girls Smiley Fie!
  • Robert Fripp - Behind the scenes at Windows Vista recording session

    phm wrote:
    I've never seen any indication of him or those of his musical genre and ability follow the masses, much less support them. And if ever there was a mass on this planet, it's Microsoft users. It's downright scary. Fripp and his contemporaries' music has always been the creative result of showing no interest whatsoever in what everybody else is doing. And now Microsoft? Robert, what were you thinking? Life is filled with bitter ironies. What I've heard sounds nice, but what place does it have on a MS operating system?

    Excuse me but your statements are totally insane.
    It has nothing to do with the "masses".
    Brian Eno wrote those startup sound for Windows 95. Now Fripp made it for Vista. It's good. Steve Ball asked Fripp - i think it was his idea.
    You shouldn't mix up Microsoft, the company with the creative souls working there.

    This is an all-time mistake - everybody underestimates the programmers working at Microsoft. They are not worse than the ones working at Apple.
  • Robert Fripp - Behind the scenes at Windows Vista recording session

  • Kam Vedbrat - Looking at Windows Vista's user interface (AERO)

    craig123 wrote:
    A few years ago, Microsoft Research wrote Task Gallery, a well thought out 3D window manager. I have always thought it was great...it's a shame that it doesn't look like it'll be a part of Vista.
    Also, someone mentioned being able to move taskbar buttons. Well, do a google search for GroupBar. MS Research also made a 'taskbar' that does that, but goes a step further and lets you group windows into tasks via the taskbar. Actually, that one you can even download free from MSR.

    I think the original idea of Task Gallery wasn't so nice but Apple copied it and made Exposé.
    I'm sure AERO will let developers create amazing taskswitchers so the built-in Flip3D will be overrideable. I don't really understand why MS didn't "copy" Exposé. I could imagine a better solution than Exposé though.
  • Kam Vedbrat - Looking at Windows Vista's user interface (AERO)

    Mike Steel wrote:
    What I want to know is what happened to the cool animation efects that were demoed on WinHEC 2003 (if I remember correctly), with windows waving (like a flag in wind) when moved, and an app (calculator on demo) being resized (with everything resizing smoothly)...??

    I'm afraid that will be (once again) a case where MS demos some cool (already working) feature, and then drops it from the final product.

    As Kam said "we have the platform, we have the technology - so we can do anything, only sky is the limit" or something like this.

    It means (for me) even if they drop these kind of features developers will be able to use the platform and build amazing software - maybe better than the one we've seen at WinHEC 03.

    Some MS folks are saying that your gfx card should have 512MB of mem...I want to know why? None of the videos I've seen so far of Aero don't seem to need it or use the power of gpu to the fullest.

    I think 512MB is only a recommended value. AFAIK Aero will start on any dx9 capable vga with at least 64 or 128 MB.
    And i think it highly depends on your screen resolution too.
  • Kam Vedbrat - Looking at Windows Vista's user interface (AERO)

    I really respect Kam VedBrat but i was disappointed when i saw him in the video @ 27:06 when Robert asks "Is this skinnable?" And Kam grins sardonically in front of the monitor. He is a very nice guy but i wonder if he despises the customization scene.
    A few months ago Kam replied my e-mail and he described that customization is against branding. It's okay. I'm not really a skin-guy. I don't use skins - i use the classic look in XP but i have an exact customization philosophy. I think not every default UI settings are suitable for both novice and advanced users. For instance the keyboard shortcuts: Kam wrote keyboard shortcuts are hard to learn - but i ask: for whom? I use a hotkey manager and i can control everything via hotkeys in my system - it's really faster than with the mouse.

    But i'm really happy that some of my wishes comes true (like the search box on Open/Save dialogs, etc). Maybe they implemented it because of me? lol (it's only a joke)

    By the way does anybody know about the Aero blog?
    It was mentioned in the Preliminary Vista UI Guidelines:
    http://blogs.msdn.com/aero/ - It's empty.
    Kam's blog is a little bit different - personal one and rarely updated so i'm really curious about the new blog.
  • Erik von Fuchs - Tour of Hardware Lab, Clip Four

    Orbit86 wrote:
    heyy scobleizer, when can we see Longhorn? show us the bigggg cpu farm that Compiles windows....

    Or interviews with Tjeerd Hoek, Hillel Cooperman, Kam VedBrat, etc. Please! Sad