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  • Kevin Schofield -- Tour of Microsoft Research's VIBE group (large ​screens/mul​tiple monitors)

    Jus few days ago I download GroupBar from MS Reseearch site. You can try it too here >> https://research.microsoft.com/vibe/groupbar.aspx. Another interesting invention is SideShow - not to be confused with Vista's SideShow. I didn't really used it GroupBar much, though the snapshot feature looked really useful. As for the minimized apps on the desktop, I have seen that idea some time ago. It's also available with some Window managers. And as for the dragon drop Smiley (that's what I heard at first - makes a cool name) I think I have seen it in a game before but it's really cool to see good ideas leak to software we're going to use everyday. I  don't want sound like I don't respect the VIBE guys, on the contrary, I'm their fan and I'm really looking forward to what they are going to do in Blackcomb.