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  • Better Project Management with Team Foundation Server

    Good project management demo... keep theses types of demo's coming!
  • InfoCard - Deep Architecture

    assuming they will be sharing code you have a potential point if you ignore Project Mono http://www.mono-project.com or don't believe in it.... I didn't hear anything about them sharing code... Just using open standards, which means other are free to use anything... C++, Java, or whatever.  But on Windows why not use .NET and offer some or most up via shared-source/open source?
  • InfoCard - Deep Architecture

    Truly a great video... One of the best I have seen with respect to a clear overview of the framework from an architecture perspective. 

    I was also stunned that they didn't employ more managed code for the UI.  As I was thinking it (and as my wife would attest, vocally complaining about it) Charles asked it.  I would have to say I still don't clearly understand why they didn't.  As Charles said, one would think that would be a more secure way to implement the UI, with less effort.  Can Arun, Ruchi or Nigel give a little more detail as to why?

    The whole "They might not have the .NET Framework" just doesn't hold water....

    Another thought is if the interfaces are written as they stated, one major step Microsoft could do to convince us they want this to use open standards and foster other platforms use it, would be to offer some of it via share source/open source for use in... well... Mono maybe? Then each platform need only implement the "windows service" piece in their own way and use the other pieces to offer a common interface...  Am I crazy to want Microsoft to take this approach more often than not for this type of stuff?

    Anyhow, great video, keep these coming.