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otech otech digital voice recording systems
  • whats your xbox (​G)amerscore?

    Dammit, tried to insert gamercard but couldnt get it to work....

    anyway: 5400

    By the way, did anyone else on here get a key for the Call of Duty 4 BETA?

    Its awesome...

  • Linux a dirty word on XBOX?

    Sorry if this has been posted before on here, I havent reviewed the threads much over the last few weeks but did have a quick look first.

    Whats the deal with this?

    Apparently the word Linux is a banned word and cant be used as part of your 'gamer motto' on XBOX Live?

  • who has an xbox360?

    3 year warranty on XBOX 360, and they are generally back to you in a week when sent in for repair.

    I have 2 XBOX's (I use them for Media Center/Gaming) and my main one is used for around 6-10 hours per day for well over a year. It failed soon after buying it, got it repaired and has been fine since.

    I also own a PS3, and dont know about you guys in the US, but in Australia there is only around 10 games, most of which i have already played months ago on the XBOX. Also, here, PS3 games from EB Games cost up to $119AU ($105US) which is an absolute rip off.

    The other reason XBOX is more popular at my house, is by far most of my friends have had xboxes since before the PS3 launch, so if i buy a game available for both platforms in PS3 format, i cant play it with my friends or unlock any achievements (achievements were a great trick my MS to make sure you keep buying XBOX games!)

    Xbox kicks (I need to watch my language), wii is a short lived novelty, and I am just waiting for a reason to turn my PS3 back on.


    PS3 has no game as good as Gears of Wars graphics (yet of course)
    PS3 has no rumble
    PS3 does not include a HD cable
    PS3 has only 1 year warranty (in Australia anyway)
    PS3 is not a media center extenderPS3 controllers dont have a headset jack (i hate people using wireless headsets on both xbox live and psn cause they often have that interferaing buzz)
    PS3 controllers still have problems (just check http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board?board.id=ps3 there are dozens of threads)

    However, the PS3 will be a sweet machine eventually when the developers get the sh!t together and start pumping out some killer games.

    yeah, i play too many games....

  • Glasgow Fire-car

    Dylan C wrote:
    crazy stuff...

    dude... tell me your joking...

  • Why can't I plug in a USB mouse in Vista?

    I had exactly the same thing happen to me the other day with a Microsoft Wireless mouse, while a cheapy spare Belkin mouse I had lying around worked first go in the same port.

    I thought it was a little strange that a Microsoft Mouse would'nt have drivers already in Vista, or lack support completely, so I tried every USB port on the system and found one worked, while the others all installed as the USB Browser Mouse and then not work.

    Have you tried all your USB ports? Including the extra ones on your main board that might not have a plug connected to them?

  • v4 Safari (on Windows) support?

    Is it just me or do ALT tags not work in Safari for win?

    Have tried a dozen sites, and nothing.. can anyone else get ALT tags while hovering over pics?

  • v4 Safari (on Windows) support?

    Sven Groot wrote:
    Ooh, here's a bad one: you can't close it by clicking in the top-right corner of the screen when it's maximized. You have to exactly hit the close button.

    Worse still, if there is another maximised window behind it and you click the absolute top right, it closes the window behind! In fact, any mouse event in that area outside the curved Safari window edge misses the window and hits whatevers behind it! This is ok on normal windows, but not if its maximised haha..

  • Ever Wondered WHO was Sharing Your IP Address

    Have to agree, its really fast and includes domains I even forgot about on my IP!

    As the poster above mentions, it seems to work better than standard reverse dns...

    any idea?

  • Secret Xbox Announcement Today

    Though I understand your motives, and hold no hostility towards American people, calling, in effect, every other 'eastern country' poor and 'forgotten' was well beyond the mark.

    I live in Australia, and to be frank, we get shafted by Microsoft on things regarding XBox with ETA's in MONTHS beyond the US, it does build a little hostility hearing new announcements from Microsoft.

    We arent even expecting Forza within the next few weeks - yet you guys got it last month... 

    As for the Elite, our EB's dont even beleive we will ever see it!

    The new keypad for Xbox controllers- they just laugh.

    Extra Guitars for GH II - never even hitting the country.

    And in actual Microsoft products like the UMPC (Origami) we just get hype and yet NONE even get in our country for us to buy.

    We are'nt poor over here in Australia, our economy is up there with the US and the currency is equal to the YEN (Japan and of course you times x 100 cause they dont use cents), and yet we pay far more for XBOX gear than you guys ($110AU ie $80US for most games, $699AU or $550US for a System ) - yet we get absolutely shafted on everything.

    Why? Because Microsoft dont care at all about us as our population just doesnt warrant their concern. It does build hostility towards XBOX announcements that only ever eventuate into rubbish ETA's or vapourware for anyone in our country wanting to buy it.

    I think he was getting at the routine of hearing about great stuff from Microsoft that just teases the rest of us!


    However, his lack of english did make his eloquence appear harsher than I think he intended, and I dont defend the interpretation you might have seen.

  • Is this worst logo of all time? London 2012

    shesh.. that logo 2012 logo took me all the way back to 1987!

    Now thats a trip I dont enjoy..