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  • Mike Nash: Windows Vista Status Report and Announcing SP1 Beta 1

    I could literally feel my intelligence going down as Nash spoke.  For those that have been waiting for SP1, keep waiting until SP2 comes out.  Maybe by then these guys will get it.  I'm thoroughly disappointed. 

    I've been recommending to my Enterprise (many 100,000+) customers to wait until SP1 before even considering upgrading considering all the problems.  I will have to retract that recommendation.  Nash even downplays this as nothing but a glorified Windows Update.

    I'm probably one of the biggest Microsoft fanboys there is.  The thought of owning an IPod makes my skin crawl.  Nash sounds more like he's running for Mayor of Seattle rather than really trying to address issues (or even acknowledge that there are any issues for them to address).  XP SP2 was beautiful.  I never saw a blue-screen with SP2 that wasn't caused by hardware failure.  With Vista, I see at least 1 a week. 

    The security guys went too far and they know it.  Rather than admit it and fix it, they rather go down with a sinking ship saying "It was the right thing to do."  If the purpose of this interview was to lower our expectations, mission accomplished.