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  • The new Outlook Express: Windows Mail demoed

    l0ckergn0me wrote:

    Don't have more than one person in the room at once again. I have no idea what the quiet guy in the corner (with the sunglasses hanging off his collar) was doing there - other than throwing the conversation off track. Just when we were gonna look at more of WHAT CHANGED IN WINDOWS MAIL, someone interrupted the process.

    You really need a part II of this one, Robert.

    This is the Technical Evangelist (TE) sitting in the corner that you didn't like Embarassed.

    I was at the interview because before I became a TE I was a developer on the team that develops Windows Mail (and this was only a couple of months ago). My focus as a TE is the Windows Vista platform API's and the questions I asked generally revolved around how Windows Mail used the platform API's. Soon many developers will be using these new API's (some are already) and I thought that they may be interested in how a large product like Windows Mail used the new API's in Vista.

    I am disappointed that you felt that I led the discussion off track, but please try to keep in mind that many niners visit this site to see how a product implements features and what API's it uses. I did not intend to use Channel9 as a showcase for new products as Microsoft has other venues for that. I wanted niners to see how the new technology is implemented and the people & process that goes into making our new technology.

    In the end I want Channel9 content to be accessible to all niners and will keep your criticism in mind for any future content I am part of.