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  • RE3W WorldWide Limited: ​Service-​based web application pioneer

    If you close your eyes you'll think the one guy is Newt Gingrich.
  • Owen Braun and Chris Pratley - Talking about OneNote

    Orbit86 wrote:
    maybe you guys at MSFT are trying to get the fact that Longhorn Beta 1 was suppose to be available to MSDN subscribers in june "sneak by" but..

    What do you do.. sprinkle every thread with your whining about longhorn?

    give it a rest already.
  • Mark Boulter - talking about Smart Clients and Windows Forms

    rhm wrote:

    Secondly, I'm interested that Mark claims VB experience. My observation as someone who used to earn a living hacking VB6 to do all the things it wasn't designed for, was how tedious adding events is in the VS.NET forms designer compared to VB6.

    In VB6 you'd double-click on the control and it would take you to the default event handler function for that control in the text editor. Then you use the righthand dropdown at the top of the editor to select or add new event handlers for that control and use the lefthand dropdown to select other controls.


    Well.. what can one say?   VB.NET is not based on the Vb Runtime anymore, it's based on BCL and the CLS. 

    I had the hardest time developing with VB because it hid everything... things that I was expecting to find..and not finding them was disorienting.

    The event model in VB.Net , indeed, all the languages is via delegates.

    It's good that MS didn't completely hide this fact from VB users.

    I guess that's why c# was very natural for me.  It's amount of functional abstraction is a lot less than VBs, it's easier to really comprehend what the system is doing, which in turns makes me a better developer in the enviroment.
  • Mark Boulter - talking about Smart Clients and Windows Forms

    The content was great. As a Windows Forms developer (C#) it's nice to see a few bones thrown this way.

    Now... can someone please shove a microphone in his mouth... these little docu's aren't up for Oscars, the dramatic whisper is overdone Smiley
  • Steve Friesen - Macintosh Business Unit Tour

    Hmm. sounds like you really like that tablet thing,  I've never used one.. maybe you can send me one so I can see what the fuss is about Smiley
  • Steve Friesen - Macintosh Business Unit Tour

    I sorta agree with Grren_Ears, the constant Mac vs. PC proding is annoying. It's not enough to have to read various Platform War type messages all over the internet on anything related to Microsoft, but then we have to hear it from Microsoft people within their own company.

    On the other hand... C9's concept and execution has been outstanding on the whole, so I rather give you guys compliments then to focus on a 1 bad thing out of 100 good things.

  • Boyd Multerer - Building a great development team

    As someone who works for a non-IT company and has somehow managed to keep up with shifting technology, I have found  myself in the interesting position of being able to develop strategtic level applications for my employer yet am outside the IT structure they have in place, so I get to juggle every hat from analysis to help desk.

    Let me say how happy I would be if there was SOMEONE at my company I could ask help from.

    Oh well...

    More videos of Boyd please, hearing him describe his thoughts on well managed development team lets me imagine the world that could be one day.

    Ok, i'm talking dumb I better stop.
  • Jason Anderson - Late night with the Burton team (Visual Studio Team System), Part I

    Can we see a video of the fight?
  • Kevin Schofield - Inside Microsoft Research

    This was interesting to watch and actually got very interesting right when it ended.  It's probably the longest video I've seen here.  Not a complaint.