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pathfinder pathfinder Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
  • Stardock's Start8 - Anyone used this yet ?

    I use the open source equivalent classicshell on my windows 8 install on my EEE netbook.  


    The new start screen and UI are nice, but do not function well on a 7-inch screen.   In fact most of the apps won't even open, they just give me an error message that the screen size is not support. Surprisingly the IE app won't open for this reason.

    I would have thought the new ui to be perfect for my 7inch screen but it is worthless on small screens because there are very few apps that will work on it.  

    Its worthless on large screens because I like the ability to see multiple windows open on my 25 inch monitor.




  • Open source makes windows 8 usable

    , rhm wrote


    Although, why install Windows 8 at all?

    Good question and to be honest I have really started looking at Linux full time with maybe just a windows vm running with in it.  My co-workers all use mac book pro with windows 7 vm's and are extremely happy.  I guess I can only thing of three reasons to go to windows 8.

    1. 64 bit support for virtual machines.  (although I do sorely miss the vm integration features windows 7 offers).
    2. Play around with creating FKMA's (formerly known as metro apps) in visual studio 2012
    3. Curiosity.

    I bought a second ssd to install windows 8, so my windows 7 system is only  a reboot away.

    I also have another windows 8 tip.   How to disable the lock screen:

    1. Run gpedit.msc
    2. Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Control Panel -> Personalization
    3. Set "Do not display the lock screen" to enable.


  • Open source makes windows 8 usable

    I downloaded and installed windows 8 last week, used it for about two hours before I gave up.

    Tonight I came across the open source project http://classicshell.sourceforge.net/ and it rocks.  Maybe I can actually use windows 8 now. 

  • buy wordpress?

    Matt Mullenweg is credited as the original creator of wordpress and runs automattic.   I have talked to Matt, he is a really cool guy and has some great ideas.   He is pro open source and sees his wordpress as a open source community project and not product for sale.   

    With that said, the only thing could be bought would be a hosting company that hosts wordpress websites.  Currently I believe GoDaddy.com is the largest wordpress hosting company in the world.


    BTW, your website looks like an http://about.me page.... but I digress.  Tongue Out

  • Windows 8 Start Menu via Start Button

    The start menu/orb will come back in the RTM version of windows 8.   The CP version of windows 8 is beta and microsoft is looking for feedback on the "new" stuff.  The best way to get feedback was to force people to use the "new" stuff if they chose to run the beta. 

    So far my biggest complaint and why I have switched back to windows 7 wasn't so much the missing start menu (although this was reason #2) was that the included Hyper-V was less functional than the Window Virtual PC in windows 7. 

    I couldn't get USB sharing to work nor clipboard copy.  Also the screen resolution choices were very limited, and you can't seem dynamically adjust the screen resolution by dragging the corner of the vitual window.

    I say #1 priority is get Hyper-V in win8 more functional and bring back the start menu (at least for deskotp users)

  • Microsoft to buy Skype?

    Microsoft buying skype isn't going to changge anything.  They will integrate it into live and add a bunch of new customers.... but the product will pretty much stay the same.

    Whats going to change the communication industry is when Google buys Sprint networks.  They will own a true voice and data network and Microsoft will be stuck with a simple little voice technology.

  • Bing crashes Internet explorer

    spivonious said:
    pathfinder said:

    No repro here. I set my default to the XPS printer, since that's always there. Win 7 RC.

    I tested it again this morning and it still crashes.  Must only affect IE7 and Windows XP.   Unfortunately I get this on my work computer which I have no control over the environment. 

    Any idea on when this will be fixed? In the meantime, I guess I will switch my homepage back to google search.

  • Bing crashes Internet explorer

    PaoloM said:
    MasterPie said:

    No repro.

    hmmm, try it on a computer that doesn't have a default printer installed if you can.

  • Bing crashes Internet explorer

    I have tried this on three computers and get the same results.  Let me know if happens to you.

    Open up Bing in internet explorer (I tried it on ie 7).

    Type something into the search bar and click search.  After the search results come up.

    Go to File menu and click Print.  Hit cancel.  Bada - Bing! Internet Explorer will crash.


    Edit- I tried it on a fourth computer and didn't get the error.  This computer had a default printer installed though.


  • Virtual PC

    SharePoint Guy said:
    Thanks everyone for the support.

    I Just read the manual on http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=62cd2e63-52f8-4cf5-a7d5-7abaab270451

    Found it at last! I like the old interface more, definantly much more easier.

    Once you get use to the new interface its not as bad as you think.  It took me a while to get used to it.  I ended up having to "Disable the Intgration Features" on one of my VPCs because the Cisico VPN client won't start-up with it on.   Cisco doesn't have a client that supports x64 so I am stuck running it in a VPC. 

    Also it took me a while to figure out how to merge my VHD changes, but I found it as a right click option on the VPC when it is not running or hibernated.

    The best way to run the VPC interface is to "Pin" it to the launch, and then either right click or middle click on the icon and you get all of the options. 

    I have a few other minor complaints, such as the XP guest operating system seems to be supported better than the vista.  I have yet to fire up a linux guest.  Also I think some of the "default" settings for upgrading should be different, such as the Auto-Publish should be turned off for upgraded VPCs from 2007.  The network adapter should also support 1000 base-t.  Also if my Host goes to sleep, the guest operating systems don't always recognize the network after they wake up, so I have to reboot.