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pathfinder pathfinder Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
  • What don't you like about Windows 7?

    The Virtual PC Beta that can be downloaded for Windows 7 should support 1000 Base-T networking.  Why am I limited to 100 base when my physical NIC is 1 gb. 

    Also I should be able to resize my VPC window without having to turn of VPC Integration.

    I consider these to be Win7 because it is software that will basically ship with it.  Otherwise so far I am really liking Win7

  • Anyone tried Microsoft Recite?

    thanks for the link.  I just downloaded it and installed it.  Now I will just have to remember to remember things.

     I have a dentist appointment tommorrow so when I schedule my next visit I will record it. 

  • Removing Old Volumes from WIndows Home Server

    Uninstall the client.  Delete the cmputer from WHS and reinstall the client. Thats the only way that I know of. 

  • Has anyone built a Home Server?

    Just do what I did.  I bought an HP Media Smart Server, and then went to NewEgg and bought a new processor and 2GB  memory for it and loaded it up with Terabyte Harddrives.   

    I don't think you can beat the form factor of the Media Smart Server.

  • Steve Jobs Lives

    I think the whole thing was a publicity stunt.  It was published on purpose.  Mistakes like that aren't made on accident.


    Mark Twain quotation after hearing that his obituary had been published in the New York Journal.

  • Legal question about DRM Stripping

    alwaysmc2 wrote:

    -Host FairUse4WM on my website

    This is potentially illegal not because of what it is, but last I heard Microsoft claims it is using their stolen code.

    alwaysmc2 wrote:

    -Host a video on my website showing how to use FairUse4WM
    -Host a program on my website that deletes the original DRM'd songs and fixes the un-DRM'd songs' file names.

    These I think are legal, but  really the hosting company has all of the power.  I once had an image on my website that was based on multiple public domain images.  Some one claimed it as "original work" and Cox Communications forced me to take it down. 

    Rather than fight and lose my site, I removed it.

  • Galleries

    I used it once and integrated it into an ecommerce site for Italian Charm Bracelets for a friend:  www.malmom.com

    Its pretty open and easy to cusomize.

  • funny packaging...

    I bought my Vista Ultimate x64 OEM so I didn't get the fancy packaging.

  • Anyone got a dummy's guide to install linux in Virtual PC?

    What would really be awesome if someone would just post a torrent to a working Ubuntu VHD file.  Then I wouldn't have to futz around with  any of the settings or go through the install.  Big Smile

  • C# or VB.NET