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Gerardo Melendrez payini Gerardo Melendrez
  • Intellitest

    Great "hidden gem" of Visual Studio.

    Thank you.

  • ASP.NET 5: Deep Dive

    Awesome stuff. Great talk and demos. Thank you.

  • Introduction to ASP.NET5

    Great session. Thank you.

  • Best Practices for Creating IoT Solutions with Azure

    "Think big. Start small." Great demo. Thank you.

  • Developing for HoloLens

    HoloLens is AWESOME! Can't wait to get a hold on one and build something!

  • Day 2 Keynote Presentation

    Steve "Guggs" Guggenheimer
    Corporate VP DX & Chief Evangelist

    John Shewchuck
    Technical Fellow

    Media and Entertainment
    Demo: Questlove Muzik's Smart Sticks
    New AudioGraph API
    Azure Live Streaming

    Commercial Apps
    AutoDesk's 3D Printers using Spark Engine
    Acumatica Library to expose ORM through OData

    Building for Windows 10
    David Treadwell
    Corporate VP, Operating Systems Group

    Universal Windows Platform (2500+ new platform features)
       Surface Hub
       One binary that runs on Desktop, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, Surface Hub, IoT Devices, Xbox and HoloLens.
       Easier to develop and debug applications.
       New improved XAML designer allows you to change views between devices.
       New Live Visual Tree allows you to select, inspect and edit elements in real time in your running app.
       Identify performance issues without leaving the debugger.
       One app submission process for all the devices.

       Demo: One binary several devices
       Kevin Gallo
       Partner Director Program Management

    Cross Platform
    Universal Windows Platform Bridges
    Allow you to bring your code to the Universal Windows Platform no matter where it was created.

    Web Code
       Microsoft EdgeHTML has 4200+ interoperability improvements and over 45 web standards.
       According to Apple's JetStream Benchmark, Microsoft Edge is 1.5 times faster than Internet Explorer 11 and faster than Chrome Canary 43.0.2369.0 and Firefox Alpha 40.0a1(04-14)
       According to Google's Octane 2.0 Benchmark, Microsoft Edge is 2 times faster than Internet Explorer 11 and faster than Chrome Canary 43.0.2369.0 and Firefox Alpha 40.0a1(04-14)
       Web apps can be open as a desktop application and deployed via the Windows Store without any changes.
       Ability to call Windows 10 Apis.
       Ability to distribute this apps via the Windows Store.
       Android Java/C++
       Reuse Java and C++ code.
       Use existing tools.
       Ability to call Windows 10 Apis.
       Ability to distribute this apps via the Windows Store.
    iOS Objective C
       Import XCode project into Visual Studio.
       Use Visual Studio to edit, debug and build apps.
       Ability to call Windows 10 Apis.
       Integrate C and C++ code in the same project

    Demo: Web application that runs on all devices

    New toolset manifoldjs allows you to build web applications automatically from a W3C standard web manifest file for Android, Chrome, Cordova, Firefox
    , iOS, Web, etc. from existing web applications.
    GitHub Enterprise for Azure.

    Data and the Intelligent Cloud
    Joseph Sirosh
    Corporate VP, Machine Learning

    Retrospective Analytics
    Real-time Analytics
    Predictive Analytics

    Connected Cows
    Data in Motion
    Demo: How old do I look?
    Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Gallery https://gallery.azureml.net/
    Azure Event Hubs
    Azure Streaming Analytics
    Azure Machine Learning
    Demo: Human Genome

    Erik Asberg
    Head of development
    eSmart Systems

    Demo: Babylon and Azure Data City of Pompeii
    Demo: Final Fantasy XV with DirectX 12 and Windows 10 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX
    Hajime Tabata
    Square Enix

    Briana Roberts
    Student Experiences Lead

    Aidan Brady
    Independent Developer

    Microsoft Reactor
    Build Tour
    Microsoft Makers

  • Day One Keynote Presentation

    Awesome stuff. Great time to be a .NET Developer!

    Summary of this session:

    More than 1 million servers
    500+ new services in the last 12 months
    >90,000 new customers per month
    1.4 million SQL databases
    >50 trillion Storage objects
    425 million Active Directory Users
    3 million developers registered with Visual Studio Online
    >40% Revenue from Start-ups and ISVs.

    supported in Azure and Visual Studio.
    Deploy and debugging .NET apps to Docker containers in Windows or Linux.

    .NET Core
    Previews available of .NET Core
    .NET Core RC for Windows
    .NET Core Preview for Linux
    .NET Core Preview for MAc OSX

    Azure App Service
       Continuous Integration
       Visual Studio Online 
       Enterprise Connectivity
       SaaS Integration
       Web Apps
       Mobile Apps
       Logic Apps
       API Apps

    ASP.NET 5
    Apache Cordoba
       Android Emulator

    Visual Studio Code
    Free Code optimized editor
    Runs natively on Windows, Linux and Macs
    Intellisense powered by Roslyn and OmniSharp
    Debugging, Local Variables, Autos, etc.
    Git Integration.

    Azure Service Fabric
    High-control distributed computing framework
    Used internally
    Stateless and stateful microservices.
    SDK for Windows and Linux

    Azure SQL Databases
    SQL DB Elastic Database Pool
    Separate isolated databases
    Aggregate capacity

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse
    Power BI
    Machine Learning

    Azure Data Lake Service
       Store and manage infinite data
       High through put, low latency analytic jobs
    Stream Analytics
    New Add-in Model
    New tool Sway for interactive story telling
    Office Graph
    Unified API

    Windows 10
    Free Upgrade for first year
    Goal: 1 Billion devices

    Windows Store
    One binary that runs on Desktop, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, Surface Hub, IoT Devices, Xbox and HoloLens.
    Carrier Billing for all Windows devices.
    Windows Store for Business

    Website will be able to be run as an application and make use of notifications, etc.
    Win32 .NET Applications in the Windows Store
    Android Java/C++ Applications will be easily ported to Windows Phone
    Ability to compile iOS Objective C code in Visual Studio on Windows.
    New internet browser Microsoft Edge (Codename Project Spartan)
    Continuum: Ability to "flex" and adapt applications from device to device.

    Windows Holographic Platform

  • Azure App Service Mobile Apps with Kirill Gavrylyuk

    Great stuff. Thank you.

  • API Management Overview


  • Azure App Service