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  • Anders Hejlsberg: Introducing TypeScript

    Guys, TypeScript is like SASS/LESS for JavaScript. If you don't see the value in those tools, you'll probably not see the value in TS.

  • New Editor Box Selection

    That's very cool; especially the zero length selection.  One feature that I would love to have is a way to treat the selected text as data and not just text. Let me give you an example. Let's say have a bunch of lines you want to change at once. Each line would look something like this: "SomeFunction(var1, var2); SecondFunction(var3);" I would like to be able to swap the two functions around, then replace var2 with something else that comes from the clipboard, etc. Basically treat each line like a row in an Excel sheet and let me specify the column deliminator (could have some default settings break characters like ;,"'- and so on). After this is done let me do some operations on this data with live preview; when done push a button and the text goes into the editor... Now that would be cool Smiley

  • Windows 7 New Taskbar - An Overview

    I'm not impressed Sad

    1) Way too many clicks to do anything. Currently I only need a single click to switch to my application. Are you telling me that I'm going to have to hover over the taskbar button, hover over the instance/tab and then finally click the button to actually switch? And this is supposed to make it "easier"?
    2) That taskbar is way too big / thick. Not only will we have huge applications bars thanks to the ribbon, but now the taskbar is twice as thick as well. I bought a higher resolution monitor to have more room, not so that you guys can fill it up.
    3) The whole this "icon is both for running and closed application instances" I'll have to see if I can get used to.
    4) Where are the needed customizations? What if don't want those icons to be so huge? (my eyes are quite fine thank you very much) What if I want to drag one IE window to one monitor and another instance to another? Will it separate the two? Please tell me you will finally have proper multi-monitor support!

    I say you guys go back to the drawing board and a little less BS (i.e. marketing talk) would help as well. This is C9 after all. Thanks.