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  • The Visual Studio Documentary: Jeff Hadfield Full Length Interview

    I've been in computers for some time as well. I learned to code on a Dec Vax system. Back then I coded in Basic, Cobol, some Assembly and a little Pascal. I am trying to make the transition from these procedural languages into the Object oriented, event driven, world of windows and the internet. I was wondering what helped you the most moving from the procedural to Visual Studio. I still have problems with the coding with dot notation. I also struggle with the idea of objects and inheritance. I also struggle with the role that framework plays in a visual studio application. Do you have any suggestions that may help me make the transistion?

  • C9 Lectures: Dr. Erik Meijer - Functional Programming ​Fundamental​s, Chapter 1 of 13

    I am starting these lectures a little late. I beleive 5 just came out. I'm having trouble following the function equations. Is there someplace with a good consice explaniation of this? I am a programmer and my background is Cobol, but I've allways have trouble understand the point with somthing like f(x) = x.