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  • Euan Garden - Tour of SQL Server team (Part IV)

    Yeah, I know the archive.org folks can't run all theirs in RAID or anything fancy, and those disks are HAMMERRED and some are getting old now...

    Maybe when it comes to throwing out time, you could chuck them your spares (well not the duff ones, obviously) Wink.  Although they curently run on the L-operating system I reckon it has to be a worthy cause!
  • Euan Garden - Tour of SQL Server team (Part IV)

    with a 2500 disk array, how often do you have to swap drives out?  I heard archive.org have aprox 6%pa disk failure and wondered if you'd found that consistent?

    thx Smiley
  • Euan Garden - Tour of SQL Server Team (Part III)

    I love these 'talking heads' sessions, but could you split them up into several smaller vids as opposed to 25' vids?  Many of us have to squeeze them into and around work, which is easier if they're more bitesize - say a max of 10 mins at a time?  Even if it means releasing 2 or more vids on one day, would mean I could say '10 mins before this next conf call, I'll learn something' Wink


    BTW, this SQL series is fascinating Smiley
  • Joe Morris - Windows XP Embedded

    I think it's Joe's accent, I can follow him just fine - but this does raise a serious point - how about providing transcripts/closed captions for these vids?  We've got a global audience, so it may help?
  • Joe Morris - Developer security features in XP embedded demoed

    Do we know if noexecute is going to be a standard thing for new PC's?  Sounds like it's hardware-reliant? 

    Is there an equivelent of the 'Designed for Microsoft Windows XP' sticker we should be looking out for?
  • Jeremy Collins and Scott Napolitan - Tour of Enterprise Engineering Center

    Cool toys - do they make use of virtual servers to emulate a customer environment or replicate it on real kit 1 box per customer box, I wonder?  What would be the strengths and weaknesses of doing it that way?
  • Bert Keely - Tablet PC and maps

    Guys, I am a tablet lover, and once they catch up power-wise with a half-decent laptop, I'm having one.

    However, this was not a great demo for the Tablet - what did it show us that wasn't mouseable just as easily?  Sure it showed off the mapping 'ware, but this is pretty much what we expect from our mobile(cell) phones in Europe, plus more!

    One Note is the killer app for tablet at the moment - perhaps we could do a session showing off One Note and collaborative session sharing whilst sitting in a cafe with a bluetooth headset to audio conf whilst sharing a One Note session?  THAT is killer app stuff Wink
  • Larry Osterman - Pranks over the years at Microsoft

    I think different subs have different tolerences - I could see this stuff going down very badly outside Redmond Sad