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Peli de Halleux

Peli de Halleux peli Peli

Niner since 2004

Jonathan 'Peli' de Halleux works for Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA. He's currently developing Pex, a white-box test generation tool for .Net and Moles, an isolation framework for .NET. Peli worked for the CLR for a while and accidentaly wrote MbUnit in a previous life. Peli wanders around the Research in Software Engineering gropu and shoots movies about cool stuff hapenning there.

  • CodeForHer @ Microsoft Netherlands
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  • TouchDevelop - Ваша первая программа
  • TouchDevelop – 入门教程
  • TouchDevelop - Getting Started
  • Guido de Caso - Distributed Knowledge Authorization Language
  • TouchDevelop - State Variables
  • TouchDevelop - Plotting Math Functions
  • TouchDevelop - Hello World
  • TouchDevelop - Script Your Phone on Your Phone Reloaded

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