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pelife pelife

Niner since 2005

  • Workflow TV - Workflow Services as a Batch Job

    dinnernow http://dinnernow.net/ is the name of the application

  • Workflow TV - Workflow Services as a Batch Job

    It seems like everyone has the same requirements. The only diference between my workflow and yours is that I am using 3.5. I wanna be able to create a composite activity that does all that. The delay activity is not good enogh for me because of maximum time limitation.


    I used the reflector to see how things work in built in composite activities and it's a little bit dificult to schedule and control child activities of a composite but I will do it.


    I did something you sould also create in your examples (sugestion) is create a MMC extension (there is a hole lab on it). And implement a monitor to workflows just like an application (I forgot the name) I'll send you tomorrow.  My boss loved.


    About the Workflow app fabric windows service that check if there are workflows down and resume execution I will have to implement that. It will be not an issue.


    I'll send you my sample as soon as it's ready. I would like to get you opinion. You seems to be the only other person that is working in WF besides me.