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pepper pepper
  • Come Work on Our Team

    Rory wrote:
    Plus, if you think Jeff won't hire from the outside, then somebody here has the opportunity to definitively turn your "NO" answer around. Remove Jeff's post, and it'll be much harder to accomplish the goal.
    I've heard the interview process involves robes, candles and secret handshakes.

    I'll pass, thanks. Wink

  • XP Until Next Summer!!!

    Microsoft Extends Sales Availability of Windows XP

    PressPass wrote:
    REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 27, 2007 – In an effort to respond to feedback the company is hearing from its customers and partners, Microsoft is extending availability of Windows XP editions among original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and retail channels for an additional five months to June 30, 2008. In addition, the company will continue to offer Windows XP Starter Edition in emerging markets where it is currently available for the rapidly growing class of hardware-constrained ultra-low cost PCs until June 30, 2010.

  • It's Quiet

    eagle wrote:
    A Silverlight contest is a great idea! 
    How do you build a contest around a notoriously buggy product?

  • Police State - It's Coming?

    I wonder if now would be a good time to buy stock in surveillance equipment companies?

  • Silverlight.​..meh

    AdamKinney wrote:
    Did you see the Showcase?  http://silverlight.net/showcase/

    The newest samples show up there.

    But it's buggy, too! I hovered over an AOL gadget, and it turned into the "MSN extra free time" gadget. Then when I moved the mouse away sometimes it would turn back into the AOL gadget, and other times it would remain as a MSN thing. This happens on several other things I hover over.

    Not ready for prime time, methinks.

  • Silverlight.​..meh

    I installed the vaunted Silverlight tonight. :O

    I first tried it out in Firefox, and tried to view a few of the creations in the Silverlight 1.0 gallery. The piano demo was kind of flat, because it didn't even play music (I thought it would) and only a few of the keys worked.


    Then I downloaded some of the demos to try them offline (Page Turner, Silverlight Pad). Both of them half-launched and then broke with Javascript errors. wtf? Sparkle Ball worked, but most of the time the ball disappeared and reappeared just as it passed my paddle.


    I went back online through IE6 to the Silverlight main page and bam! I get a message box with a 1001 error. Works fine in Firefox, though.


    NOT a good first impression.

    P.S. And why are there so few examples in the gallery anyway?

  • Come Work on Our Team

    Nice spin! You're hired! Wink

    I see they've trained you well.[6]

    First, young Jedi, agree with the offending poster.

    Jeff wrote:
    You are right.
    Then, proceed to bury the rest of the post with a bunch of irrelevant examples, and top it off with the classic "This of course is how we ensure there is new thought, ideas and perspective" line.

    Do you do corporate earnings presentations by any chance? Wink

    I think there are some great posters here. Worthy candidates, no doubt. Please don't tell you me you look down on the community here...say it ain't so...!

  • If you could ask only 1 question


  • Come Work on Our Team

    W3bbo wrote:
    pepper wrote:
    Yeah, but have you EVER hired a long time Niner/REGULAR contributor onto your team?

    Answer: NO.
    I'm not talking about being hired by Microsoft (like PaoloM); I'm talking about being hired onto Channel 9. AND from OUTSIDE Microsoft.

  • Come Work on Our Team

    Yeah, but have you EVER hired a long time Niner/REGULAR contributor onto your team?

    Answer: NO.

    So why post this here?