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  • Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7

    shame charles as this is a hit people do happen to notice when they have an abundance of memory


    I understand when pages are being written for cause, however nt writes pages pro-actively, long before they're even considered a candidate for release


    as I mentioned with landy, (who did say this was going to be considered), this pro-active writing to the pagefile when the system is not under pressure should enjoy a differant policy then when the pages are being written actively


    I understand only unique images in ram and not represernted on disc or the network are written to the pagefile however if there is no memory pressure yet there is hardrive use I think it would smooth things out if there was a "no memory pressure policy" for pages that aren't even a candidate for release



  • Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7

    I had a conversation with landy a while back talking about memory management in xp and we were discussing changing how windows pro-actively writes pages to the pagefile in vista


    he said there was no cue for that function there might be a hardrive bottleneck  between pagefile writes and user writes.


    landy said they were thinking about giving this page write a cue policy but hadn't done it in vista, (it was still longhorn at the time of this conversation)


    I'm wondering if it was ever done for vista and if not if they addressed that issue in seven