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  • C9 Lectures: Stephan T. Lavavej - Standard Template Library (STL), 9 of n

    Hi Stephan,

    This penultimate lecture of the fantastic introductory series is excellent and I'm looking forward to your coverage of <type_traits>.  You're a natural at getting across the salient points of your chosen topic.

    I'm impressed that you "wing it" in most lectures when you often elaborate on the reasoning and history behind features and decisions with such clarity, this is rare.

    Please keep recording lectures for as long as you enjoy doing so, I particularly look forward to an advanced series.

    Topics I'd like to see you cover in future lectures include:

    • The next two years for C++
    • The Boost libraries
    • Template meta programming
    • Algorithms and Big-O notation
    • Stephan's guide to the C++ specification and community
    • Your thoughts on concurrency with C++
    • Intermediate to advanced C++ advice
    • Existing C++ features and design patterns
    • Compiler features, settings and design, debugging tips
    • [EDIT] perfect forwarding, reference collapsing and especially noexcept [/EDIT]

    I'd like to be able to download the code shown in this episode, commented code would be a plus.

    Keep up the great work, thanks,