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  • Conversation with Soma: VS2005 SP1 on Vista, Visual Studio Evolution, How to Become a VP

    Vetri wrote:

    Thanks for the feedback. We are changing the warning message in VS 2005 SP1 RTM. It will "recommend" users to run with administrator privileges, inform that some scenarios will need admin privileges and will also contain a link to information on which scenarios/features need admin privileges.


    Your team should look into using a broker process like IE does. Warning messages are lame.
  • Internet Explorer 7: The Browser. The Team. The Tour. Part 1

    I think IUrlHistory should solve your problem. and MSDN search are your friend Cool

    AQ wrote:
    If anyone on the IE team is watching this thread I have a question I'd like answered.

    I need to write an application in .NET that Data Mines the IE Browsing History of several machines on my LAN. Is there an easy way to do this? I mean does the Browsing History exist as an xml file or other similarly accessible format that would make it easy to extract the data from? If it's more complicated, then how would I go about harvesting the data?

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  • Bill Hilf: Open Source at Microsoft

    Hmm, very enlightening. Especially the vendor donut model comments.

    He really seems to "get" the industry.