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petknep_home petknep_home
  • You're kidding right?

    sirhomer wrote:
    Jack Poison wrote: What I don't get is why the video doesn't elaborate WHY people think Vista is hard and such to install: Apple commercials.

    I'd love to know why Microsoft / Dell / HP / etc. aren't countering with "no, it's 10% truth, that they're saying happens 100% of the time". No, I don't necessarily have to upgrade my PC to run Vista (just my Wireless Router). No, I don't have a secret service dude asking me if I want to really IM some each time I send a message.

    This stuff is plainly false, yet no company has the balls to counter it. I wonder why.

    Maybe Microsoft should counter it (or pay the OEMs to do it)? Microsoft has the OEMs by the balls, I'm sure they would love to all switch to a free and infinitely configurable desktop OS in the future, instead of promoting someone elses product.

    Why counter it? Customers are smart enough to see it for the petty attack that it is. There's no reason to dignify it with a response that only appears just as petty.

    Vista is quality software. It doesn't need to attack any other vendor to demonstrate its worth.

  • MSNBC IE7 Issue?

    LaBomba wrote:
    petknep_home wrote: 

    It looks like a shockwave issue. I'll get someone to look at it, probably not IEs fault, shockwave seems to be doing the navigation.


    By the way who are you and what do you do?

    I'm on the IEUX team. My petknep@MS account got nubbed and won't let me in, attempts to retrieve the password have been unsuccessful. Charles also hasn't given me an MS tag.

    I work in Bruce's team for Li (see team tour video). I'm the "new" guy on the UX team so while I do own a few features, I try to pick up all the loose ends to try to own more things [6]

  • IE7 vs Firefox 2.0

    jamie wrote:
    i hope IE8 has:

    - easy simple css themes
    - choose rendering engine (ie/ff)
    - move anything anywhere:

    You write the XPCOM -> COM wrapper for gecko and I'll get right on making that circular browser Tongue Out

    Move anything everywhere is a good goal though.

    I can't remember exactly what thread it was, but there was mention of a Jamie-made browser. It's really not that hard to prototype up a browser in C#, you can just drag the webbrowser control onto your winform, add an address bar and you're halfway there.

    I wasted a couple hours of my Saturday putting together a tabbed C# browser with all my wants. Like:
    No search bar, just ctrl+s from the address bar.
    No tab row, just ctrl+tab switch and my quicktabs knockoff.
    Smarter ctrl+enter behavior.
    Only caching the toplevel domain in the address bar.
    0 install, no 3rd party should need to register com interfaces if they aren't a platform, no setup needed Cool
    Small footprint, it's sub 30kb right now.

  • MSNBC IE7 Issue?

    It looks like a shockwave issue. I'll get someone to look at it, probably not IEs fault, shockwave seems to be doing the navigation.

  • From redmond with love

    Rowan wrote:
    Nah, they'll just put up a big Firefox logo statue on the Microsoft campus.

    TFA wrote:

    Mozilla held a placard that read, "Netscape 72, Microsoft 18," referring to recent market share data.

    I like their placard. It's true, pride does come before the fall.

    Much love to the FF team though, don't break your arms patting yourselves on the back with this release Big Smile.

    /I want a giant wooden e
    //All we have is neon e's

  • Does persistence pay off when getting a job with Microsoft?

    BlackTiger wrote:
    Xaero_Vincent wrote:

    If you're passionate Microsoft envanglist and know enough about technology, especially .NET, then you might have be a good job candidate.

    IT'S LIE! Especially about .NET. MS not interested in any .NET developers at all! Look at MS "requirements" and you will see it (excellent "See/SeePeePee" and "KOM"? I hate See/SeePeePee! I'm SeePeePee alergic!). May be in US they are hiring "evanglists" (pronounce as "managers"), but not outside.

    Also MS hiring alot of "loyal" but not experienced people. I remember one situation. We have meeting with some "MS guys". Everything was fine until... everything was fine. But suddenly happend some problem. And that guy became absolutely useless and almost disappeared! I found source of problem and solution in 15 minutes, but that guys just said "Oh... Strange... Try to uninstall it and install again". So annoying...

    Time to feed the trolls:
    Anecdotal evidence, it must be TRUE! </sarcasm> If you meet with anyone from Redmond, you're probably meeting a PM and not a dev. The question of who is more leet is beyond the scope of this thread. You should work on your stories though, you don't sound like a fun guy to talk to at a party (some guy did generic thing, then tried another generic thing, and it didn't work!!! LOLOLOLOL) Cool

    There's tons of devs in Redmond. We're outnumbered by managers, testers, etc for sure. But too many cooks spoils the soup.

    Beer 2.0: No one cares if you love/hate Google, Apple, Linux, whatever other company that you think we have to hate. People openly use their mac book and wear their ipod if that's the hardware they choose to use. We don't hate other companies (see cake sent to Mozilla). The only thing we care about is that you want to make good software.

    Back to the original thread:
    RJ, what kind of position are you looking for? Dev, PM, test?

  • IE7 slow scrolling

    jgr wrote:
    Since I installed IE7, I find that other programs have slower screen updates.  For example, one program where it is more noticeable is Freecel.  On this computer, when I won and the cards all went to the top it was impossible to follow them because they just suddenly seemed to all pop up at the same time.  Now, I can definitely see that they are quickly going up one at a time.

    The only thing that comes to mind is ClearType. I believe the setting is Inetcpl.cpl (Internet Control Panel) -> Advanced -> Multimedia -> Always use ClearType for HTML rendering.

    See if you get a repro after disabling that.

  • Does persistence pay off when getting a job with Microsoft?

    I interviewed twice for interning, turned down both times. Got some industry experience doing real win32 work then applied for a full time and got it.

    My tips: Know how COM works, be able to debug it, understand how to make objects script accessible, etc. Be able to write apps w/ GDI calls.

    Maybe it goes without saying, but it really helps if you work on a product similar to an MS product and then apply to work on that specific product.

    My advice is for a dev. I don't know anything about getting hired in test or PM. I don't know anyone who was ever turned down for the test or PM positions which is weird when I think about it. I do know lots of people who were not given dev positions.

    There's also the orange badge route which I'm not even close to an expert on. Supposedly contractors make a wage equitable to full time, with some extra to cover the absence of full time benefits. You do get the temporary ban hammer after a year if you don't get hired. I don't know the conversion rate, but I hear it's low.

  • Blimey, that was fast: IE7 sans WGA

    W3bbo wrote:
    petknep_home wrote: 

    It's not a good idea to run system binaries from a third party. All sorts of bad things could be in there.

    Please don't post links to crap like this.

    Yes, but who are the warez kiddies going to trust more, a fellow pirate or a company trying to shut them down?

    This isn't about warez kiddies. This is about you posting a link, leave it on digg.

  • Blimey, that was fast: IE7 sans WGA

    It's not a good idea to run system binaries from a third party. All sorts of bad things could be in there.

    Please don't post links to crap like this.