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  • C# programmers are more mature than PHPers :)

    Could it be that the CLR is less of a pain than IE6?

  • Firefox Developers Invade Redmond

    That Firefox default browser problem is due to the new way that SPAD works. No longer are you supposed to screw&chop inside HKCR\http, you are supposed to make your own keyset like IE.HTTP and then use something like IApplicationAssociationRegistration to set it up.

    I didn't see him mention that in his blog, hopefully the ISV readiness team talked to him about it. But it was all PMs so they probably just compared tablet pcs all day Cool, just kidding Paolo.

    http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnlong/html/AppComp.asp is an ok resource for vista compat stuff.

  • New Version of AOL is released

    Cybermagellan wrote:

    OK, this is a touchy point, the argument is NO it doesn't. However some people see talkback data (crashes) and the viewpoint media player as being spyware techniques. However I've personally have seen the data reported by crashes, there isn't anything sensitive (I would say something) with it. With viewpoint the argument is because the behaviors for triggering interactive IMs require streaming commands that there is some way to skim IMs for the context and that's data mining...well I've seen the way it behaves, we stand by our TOS and no information is collected by either of these methods, if you have other concerns please let me know.

    My beef with Viewpoint is that it gets installed after AIM is already running. It seems to install itself at random times (1). This sets off tons of redflags in my mind.

    I would first get it trying to slip into start up through Spybot realtime registry warnings (teatimer). Now on Vista I get a random Exec.exe that is trying to elevate (which I'm assuming is Viewpoint).

    I want to say no at AIM install time and not have installs slipped under my nose.

    I'll say something nice now: On Vista, new AIM windows no longer pull me out of full screen Counterstrike. Not sure if any of this is on the AIM side though, but a much better experience than XP.

    (1) It could be installing itself when AIM switches to an ad that requires playing videos/sounds. Which leads to another beef, the "forgetting" of my mute/pause of an ad, glad Vista lets me mute individual apps now.

  • What's your SteamID?

    My steam ID should be knepleyp. I play late in PST on weekdays, but I can probably catch you euros on the weekends. 

    Not sure what all the whining about is with Steam. I never had to go to the store to buy the game, no cd to carry around, just copy to any computer that I want to play from, that's a huge plus for me. Just my opinion, you don't like it, don't buy it, let me enjoy my pwning in peace.Expressionless

  • Firefox vunerability ​"​impossible to patch"

    Xaero_Vincent wrote:

    OMG... those hackers are complete idiots!


    My response:

    30 * 500 = $15,000

    Those two hackers could have scored $15,000 to share amongst themselves by simply disclosing information about their findings.


    The problem with your response that $15,000 for 30 exploits is basically nothing between two people. A given browser exploit for IE supposedly has a street value of $10,000. Assuming FireFox exploits are about the same in price, they make 20x by holding them back from MoFo.

    Not quite idiotic to hold them back if you have loose ethics. I doubt they have 30 exploits, but they probably take a great deal of pleasure making people with a (smug) sense of security scared again.

    Side note: IMO, they should be responsible and disclose them.

  • For those of you considering writing a game in XNA

    Cool site. I used to do Xbox 1 homebrew. I was thinking of extending the MadnessX game we put out.

    Not really interested in the contest portion, but it seems like a good idea. I'll tell my homebrew friends.

    Screenshot of the game: (we ripped off the Madness flash game pretty hard)

  • linux_guru is banned

    fdisk wrote:
    It's too bad about Linux_guru. I could have seen him becoming a valuable contributor to this forum. He put up a large amount of signal in a short amount of time...too short of an amount of time in fact...and it just overwhelmed this place.

    Yes he did have some things worth reading. But he also wasted time stirring up flame wars. Maybe his alternate personality when he comes back will just have interesting things to say w/o all the flames.

  • User ignore feature?

    I know this has been brought up before, but we're in the fallout of the major C# contest flamefest so maybe it's time to make some changes.

    I'd like to be able to ignore specific trolls, digg-style. I don't care if it chops and screws my viewing experience and people quote them. I would probably contribute more and have a much easier time hanging out on Channel 9. It might also assist other people who are troll-feeding prone.

    I don't have all day to read the forum since I have my day job at MS. I do find many of the IE related threads valuable to my job though.

    BTW, gimme my MS symbol Cool. I can't get my regular petknep login to work.

  • Cant open links in Outlook...  ?

    Well, if you see it in any later builds, mail petknep at microsoft. Glad it works now.Cool

  • Your Ideal Development Job

    I like where I work now (IE7), don't want to leave and I don't want more responsibility. I have a good work/life balance.

    I agree with the grass looking greener. Another browser that shall remain nameless likes to try to recruit our people, but I'm sure the work situation is just about the exact same there.

    (At the risk of poking a bear) No one wants to work at BCS?