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  • Cant open links in Outlook...  ?

    I'll take a look when I get into the office this weekend or Monday. I haven't heard of it before.

    A stack dump to see who is popping the dialog would help my psychic debugging in the future Smiley.

  • Vista RC1 on Inspiron 8500

    Also, Aero needs 128 megs of video ram to run.

  • Please add ​"​Play" to avi / mpeg download

    It's not my area, but I had to debug an assert in this code today. The code owner was out on the microsoft volunteer day. I believe the dialog is a result of the MIME type that the server gave mismatching the file extension, or some kind of other problem with an autodetection that the code tries to make. I guess it's technically an error dialog that the file may not be safe so the open button is being suppressed.

    On my Pre-RC1 box at home, I can view mpeg and avis without saving to hd first. Do you have a repro site?

  • RC1

    AndyC wrote:
    Sven Groot wrote: 
    So a BHO DLL, that wasn't actually loaded, was causing explorer to crash. If you understand it, please tell me. Since these crashes don't happen on XP I'm still inclined to think this is a bug in Vista's explorer.

    Doing pretty much anything in dllmain is illegal and can causes crashes/hangs. I seem to recall Larry blogging that this was particularly true on Vista due to the way some things had been rearchitected. Quite what might have caused it though I don't know....

    I love threadjacking.

    Yeah don't mess around while you're holding the loader lock. You might not freeze on your system, but eventually you'll cause customers (or in my case, app compat devs) a lot of pain.

    some Raymond Chen citations:

  • IE7 RC1 now available

    I love threadjacking so here's my take on the Links folder that we recreate if you delete it. I've seen this in like 4 threads by 4 different people, I'd be glad to talk about it in another thread.

    It's a robustness issue so your Links toolbar or taskbar extension doesn't blow up, lose shortcuts you placed/tried to place, etc.

    The fix:
    Just right click it in the favorites center and choose properties, tick hidden and push OK, restart IE. No more Links folder.

    Sorry about the dialog spawning behind IE if you use the classic favorites menu instead of the favorites center, I can't remember exactly why that happens again, but I know I looked into it before.

  • Studios force MS to remove HD playback from 32bit Vista?

    My understanding of the situation:
    There will still be HD playback in 32 bit Vista. You just don't have ICT/HDCP support since that 32 bit Vista won't have protected video path support. It won't have PVP since you can put unsigned drivers into the kernel and bust into the video path easily.

    There are already plenty of hacks for getting around music DRM by putting an unsigned audio driver into the kernel and ripping the stream.

    Reportedly, the xbox360 HDDVD drive won't support ICT decoding and many content providers won't be ICTing their media. Also the crypto has been busted already just like CSS.

    Side note: I can't wait for HD-DVD through 360 for my 56" DLP Cool

    Edit: Not looking forward to higher HD-DVD prices, but lower DVD prices would be nice.

  • Rendering channel9 in IE

    Yeah, we don't give you a check build. We can handle optimized code crash dumps Big Smile.

    I'm not on the layout or the networking team so I can't tell you why the perf is not to your satisfaction.

  • Niall Kennedy quits MS, speaks of Win Live troubles

  • Who are you ? *updated: start pg.6

    Not that recent, but a decent photo.

  • 9'er videos

    I want blatzcoder, beer and ChrisA to finally prove/disprove if they are the same troll.