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petknep_home petknep_home
  • Microsoft Mobsters

    Ha, all the google ads are for attorneys to help fight slander cases. I think google may be on to something here.

    Still not as entertaining as f'dgoogle.com

  • Microsoft Mobsters

    Ha, so much better than beer's book. Some people need to get away from the computer every now and then...

  • Going Deep Request

    Well it's all fun to say things are chaos, but you haven't provided any reasoning why you think so.

    What are the shortcomings in your opinion?

    What I like about it over flat files:
    It is searchable with regedit.
    It has a decent set of APIs for access.
    You can monitor it with regmon.

    How would you design a better system?

  • Shortcut 'trick' in IE - bad Microsoft SECURITY? Or what?

    Love the troll title Wink No comment on whether it is bad SECURITY.


    If you don't care for it, you can disable it.

  • ie7 forgets last window setting...?

    I love threadjacking, so I might as well add my 2 cents. A frustrated, vaporous repro, vague bug report is still a bug report, thanks for letting me know. I get these on a somewhat daily basis from friends/family/internet tough guys. Mostly they are useful even if the repros suck.

    On topic: Yes, the bug report was subpar. Yes, a bug may exist. No, we might not fix this particular issue whether or not it is a bug. No, it's not a tinfoil hat conspiracy to copy the competition at every turn to ensure that you have nasty internet experiences.

    Thanks for reporting the issue and please report anything else you think might be a bug. It's probably much better if you use connect or one of the other official databases. You can always PM me on Ch9 instead of starting a thread too.

  • ie7 forgets last window setting...?

    Yeah, there are certain scenarios where IE7 will choose not to save your window placement or decide that the saved placement was not a good idea.

    Most of them have to do with programs CoCreate'ing IE, so you don't get apps that maliciously (or just with bad ISV manners) make your IE window super tiny and then that size/position gets saved.

  • A stupid idea on IE7(not a troll, I mean it)

    Hmmm. Try Start->Run iexplore.exe /rereg. That fixed a bad install I had on my dev box like 6 months ago. No guarantees.

  • Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 for Windows XP / 2003!

    Manip wrote:
    petknep_home wrote: Sorry dude, links folder has to stay. Here's a trick though, go to your favorites folder in explorer and mark the links folder hidden. Voila!

    Why does it? ... When the toolbar is disabled allow people to remove it.

    Every power user has show all files and folders, so setting it hidden does nothing. You have to go into the registry and set its name to null.

    Actually, setting it to hidden takes it out of the classic favorites and the favorites center regardless of power user settings. You probably forgot to close your browser, the favorites center has a cached view that I can't seem to figure out how to force refresh.

    Taking it out would break more stuff than it is actually worth. Setting it to hidden is a valid workaround...

  • Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 for Windows XP / 2003!

    Sorry dude, links folder has to stay. Here's a trick though, go to your favorites folder in explorer and mark the links folder hidden. Voila!

    Not sure why you are so angry about it. When you say ignorance, do you mean arrogance? You should be kinder to your keyboard. Although I've heard Caps Lock is cruise control for cool.

  • Microsoft Internships

    Last summer, there was the Explorer program that was like freshman/sophomore in university. I'm not sure if that program still exists b/c it was experimental. IE had a couple of them and their project was pretty cool.

    Most of the interns are juniors and seniors in university. I'm not sure how that translates to U.K. forms or whatever you guys are on now. Senior = 1 year from getting Bachelors here.