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  • Studio 2005 Remote debugging

    BTW, the remote debugger on my machine lives in
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\Remote Debugger\ just copy the x86 directory to the target box.

  • Studio 2005 Remote debugging

    W3bbo wrote:
    Sven Groot wrote: It's always installed, you simply can't select not to install it.

    So I have to install the entire VS2005 on all computers I want to perform remote debugging on, even if I don't want the IDE? (and doesn't this contradict my licensing agreement?)

    No, you just run the msvsmon.exe on the computer you want to remote debug, then from the VS 2005 IDE go to Tools->Attach to Process.

    VS 2005 remote debugging is handled much better in the IDE than 2003 (no crashes), but the debug monitor is a PITA compared to the old one. 64 bit remote debugging and improved symbol loading are cool too.

    I can't remember how to get my old petknep s/n back. Gimme my MS tag mods!

  • Microsoft Internships

    They aren't half bad. Disclaimer: I never interned at MS (just interviewed for them), but I've had a ton of friends that have and I deal with the ones on my team (Internet Explorer) sometimes.

    The pay is above all the other internships I've seen/had. Interns try to get one or two decent sized projects done over the summer so we can see if we want them fulltime. They work at least 40 hrs/week, probably more. Our dev interns this year seem to be getting a lot done with almost no ramp up time.

    They also do activities together sometimes. I snuck into the intern Halo 2 games a lot last year. Think they do stuff like go on day trips out to the mountains on the weekends.

  • How to toggle Aero Glass on and off in Windows Vista

    It's mostly for development builds where the video driver might not always work. Like my xxx video card scores a 3+ for Vista so it gets Aero autoenabled, but xxx had driver issues until they released the Vista Beta 2 drivers. I would have to ShiftCtrlF9 every time I reinstalled Vista. The combo was never meant for public consumption, must've just slipped out in CTP builds.