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  • MQ - The Quality Milestone why is it then that my Visual Studio crashes on me (and most of the other developers in my group) on a very regular basis (at least once a week, probably more) about quality Sad

  • Kang Su Gatlin - On the 64-bit Whiteboard

    gdesroches wrote:
    Unless I'm missing something, those last two problems mentioned in the video don't seem like problems at all (besides the code being messy). Since integers and longs remain 32-bit, there should be no problem comparing one to 0xFFFFFFFF or masking 0x80000000. There would be a problem when doing this with pointers, but who in there right mind would mask or hardcode a pointer like that?

    Let me know if I missed the point. about the Windows CE kernel.  It checks the MSB (by comparing 0x80000000) to see if memory is kernel memory or user memory.  That's even Microsoft code.  Admittedly, though, it is platform specific code anyway and it will be a while longer before CE devices start switching to 64 bit.

  • Kang Su Gatlin - On the 64-bit Whiteboard

    So, when compilers went from 16 bit to 32 bit, 'int' was redefined to be 32 bit in stead of 16 bit.  Why is it now that in the migration from 32 bit to 64 bit, 'int' is still 32 bit?

  • Surendra Verma: Vista ​Transaction​al File System

    You talk about the performance cost of transactions...for applications that do not need transactions (not all applications do), can an application not use the transaction features and recoup the performance hit?
  • Tomas Palmer and Tolga Acar - Crypto in Windows Vista

    Some good information, but not the kind of detail I was expecting...lots of time spent on the very basics of crypto, which is not what those of us who know about crypto and are looking for some details of how crypto will work in Vista are looking for.