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Phil Carbone

Phil Carbone phobis

Niner since 2009

  • TechDays 2010: C# 4.0 and beyond 

    This is some of the WORST video editing I have seen in a while. It is so hard to follow when we can't see anything in the presentation! I like when the videos are posted with a split view (one side is the talker and the other is the presntation). This give the viewer the choice to look at what they want. Not only is this painful to watch, but it is nauseating to watch the camer constantly move (some may choose not to watch that at all and only look at the presentation, while listening to the speaker).




  • Inside .NET 4: Meet the BCL Team

    Great video! Do more of these. It was really informative to see what kinds of things the team is looking forward to and get some insight on the future of .NET  (IE. PEX and Code Contracts!).