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  • The new Outlook Express: Windows Mail demoed

    Applause for going back to mail content storage in standard RFC compliant .eml files. Nice to hear also about WAB XMLization and Account Storage out off the Registry. Understanding the need for transactional JET engine DB for performance and/or presentation uniformity.

    Still some sharing related questions bother me for which I did not find answers in the forum:

    1. Can the Mail Store be shared across users on the same machine like it is today in OE if the store is located elsewhere than in the user profile ?
    2. Can the Mail Store be shared across workgroup or domain networked computers, like it can be today under O but not OE ? If yes, what kind of R/W concurrency is allowed ? 
    3. What about sharing the WAB and current multiple identities ?

    Would be glad to hear about those issues.