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  • Tim Sneath - Inside Windows Vista Printing

    This stuff looks cool.

    A question on the DRM and Digital Signature.

    As a developer of a web based finanicals application two things we constantly get requests for...

    1. Users want a direct to printer experience. The feeling is since the checks are printed and renedered to PDF on the server and send to the client, these PDFs can be saved and they are unsecure.

    2. Users want a secure way to generate a "wet signature" on the check. Basically we are using Sig Cartaridge with a sig font on it. Some what better but still not 100% secure.

    Will XPS solve these problems?

    Can a MIME Type be set up so that a check run generated on the web server will be sent directly to the users printer? Or something?

    Is there anyway an XPS document can be protected so that only a certain person, perhaps a person with that card you showed would be able to print the doc? It seemed that you demonstrated the reverse where the scanned doc would be digitally signed by the smart card?

  • Eddie Churchill - Biztalk's sexy new XSLT Mapper

    echurchill wrote:

    They might be able to give you a better idea when a standalone version might be available.

    Glad you like what you saw. There is a lot more but that was all we were allowed to show. Smiley


    I gotta say, you are halarious. One of the more entertaining presenters that I have seen on Channel9 thus far.

    As far as tick marks in the scroll bar, ReSharper uses them to indicate "issues" that it finds in your code. If you hover over them you get a tool tip with the problem and can choose if/how you want them fixed. Not sure if they were the first to use them. Maybe they patented them?

    I also agree with the others. The XSLT mapper would be a great add-in to the XML tools in Whidbey. Have you shown this stuff to Yag and Ken Levy?

    Now, get back to work.

  • Paul Vick and Erik Meijer - Dynamic Programming in Visual Basic

    JChung2006 wrote:
    Ken, try not to take the negative criticism too much to heart.  Scoble makes it look easy, and interviewing is not easy.

    I've never met scoble but I know:

    He reads above 1500 RSS feeds every day.
    He spends 14 hours a day in outlook (yea, he's reading RSS feeds).
    He wants every piece of software MS makes, his washing machine, jeans, and car to all have an RSS feed (I guess 1500 feeds a day isn't enough for him!).
    He wants to read his washing machine on his bic pen RSS reader.
    He loves MS, his job and reading RSS feeds, oh he loves his wife too.
    He has a somewhat obnoxious laugh, espesially when he is the closest one to the mic!

    All kidding aside Robert Scoble, keep up the good work with Channel9!


  • Rob Franco and team - IE 7 Security


    There has been all this talk about running LUA/LUP whatever you want to call it.

    But, my understanding was that in XP home there really was not security. Logins are strictly for profiling? You need XP Pro to restrict a certain user from writing or accessing certain parts of the system.

    Can someone comfirm or deny this? Please show the work of your proff.

  • Shell Team - Exploring and Using Windows Vista

    BrandonFurtwangler wrote:
    that keyboard in the background looks kinda interesting.  Any idea what make/model it is?

    It looks like a http://www.kinesis-ergo.com/advantage.htm keyboard.

  • Rick Laplante - Talking about Visual Studio Team System (Licensing), Part II


    Ok, so for $3000 I can get the foundation server. I would want this to replace what I use now,  PVCS Verion Manager and Tracker, with Team Foundation Server. Since I won't want to pay for two Source/Issue control products.

    So, here is the question.

    Can people that do not use Visual Studio 2005 access all the features of TFS also?

    For example,

    Developers not using Visual Studio still need a source control and issue tracking solution.

    QA, I doubt my show will be VS Tester sku for QA people. How will the access TFS?

    Support puts issues into our bug tracking system for maintenance to pick up. How will they access it?

    In other words, are there font ends for TFS other than VS 2005, and if so what are they? Will I need to buy CALs for these people since they won't have one that comes with a VS.Net 2005 sku.