piyush.kansal piyush.​kansal SW Developer

Niner since 2006

Languages: Assembly (IA32, IA32e and IA64), C and C++
Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 98/Me/2000 Server/Server 2003/XP, Linux 2.4, VxWorks 5.5
IDEs/Tools: Tornado Studio 2.2, MS VC++ 6.0, VSS 6.0, Source Insight 3.5

Total Experience: 3.5 years
Current Employer: Amdocs
Current Designation: Subject Matter Expert

Date of Birth: Nov 13, 1982
Hobbies: Reading; Surfing Channel 9, HSW, Slashdot


  • Episode 3

    This episode was good in terms of what its trying to teach to the developer community in terms of security concerns. They have made it quite interesting by taking in picture a real life scenario.

    But, second episode was the best one as it also focussed on the team work, some small mistakes they were making while coding...so in all it was giving an actual feel of The Code Room, people in pressure, making mistakes, team behaviour in pressure etc...

    and hey, are you able to access thecoderoom.com?? ...me not Sad:(