Paul Laberge

Paul Laberge plaberge DevOps and Cloud - that's where I'm at.

Niner since 2011

I'm a DevOps and Cloud Platform specialist focused on the Canadian market and I host the Breakpoint series on Channel 9.  Have a question about Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure or DevOps or Cloud in general?  Go ahead and ask!

  • DevOps – The Non-Technical Parts, Part 3: Tools
  • DevOps – The Non-Technical Parts, Part 2:  Process as an Enabler
  • DevOps – The Non-Technical Parts, Part 1:  The Cultural Mindset
  • Coffee and Code – Visual Studio for Java Developers!
  • On Being the Governor of your Azure Dev/Test Environments
  • Automated Testing with Visual Studio
  • BreakPoint: De-stress with Debugging and Diagnostics
  • An Introduction to the new TFS/VSO Build System
  • Introducing Visual Studio Enterprise 2015
  • BREAKPOINT: Release Management and PaaS Deployments

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