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  • Inside Windows 8: Jon Berry - Desktop Activity Moderator and Connected Standby

    @paradyne - The short answer is yes, these classic pooling applications will have their time stretched (you can call that "very very late", relatively speaking).

    One the other hand, think about what happens on classic up-to-windows7 Standby (and also Windows 8 if the hardware does not support Connected Standby): When they do Standby, REALY nothing happens - everything just stops. In essence, Classical Applications on Connected Standby are no worse than they were before - maybe a little bit better.

  • Inside Windows 8: Pedro Teixeira - Thread pools

    McHalls, You seem to be describing a pervasive impact on all applications startup. ThreadPool has been tested thoroughly not to affect any such generic scenario. In fact, the loader remains mostly single-threaded to this day. There are multiple factors that could be influencing your results, such as storage drivers. Also note that Win8 does come with Defender complemented by Security Essentials anti-malware, where Win7 did not. Smart screening is also turned on by default validating the binaries being loaded are not back-listed as malware. A delicate balance with "secure by default".

  • Inside Windows 8: Pedro Teixeira - Thread pools

    Felix9, note that all the APIs you have listed are actually quite dated. The Win32 API has gone through significant changes in Vista which make it easier to develop by orders of magnitude (given it has built-in reference count, support for synchronization and cancelation). Please refer to this link: