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  • Expert to Expert: Brian Beckman and Erik Meijer - Inside the .NET Reactive Framework (Rx)

    A little brainstorming after having watched the video:


    S1 ; S2


    In the language of event-driven/reactive paradigms this could be read as: statement 2 is one observer of the state manipulations done by statement 1... now guys hold on to your brains: what happens when there is more than one observer to S1? The whole idea of one statement after another "breaks" as S1 is followed by S2a and at the same time by S2b and S2c etc.etc. S2a, S2b S2c etc all get notfied and start executing at the same time... A program transforms from a list of statements into a tree of statements? Parallel computing? Speculative computing? Quantum computing?


    It is deeply (almost disturbing and) fascinating to see how IObserver actually covers the continuation monad, which more or less seams to be the essance of "statement after statement with shared state" programming. One statement tells the next to execute or communicating an error or the end of the program.


    Another twist: what happens when one statement S2 can get hold of the handle connecting/making it the succesor of S1 (the IDisposable obj) .... statements reconnecting? Programm-parts actively rewireing based on meta-state? 


    How about not using IDisposable but instead an extended "handle" allowing not only to stop the subsription but also to interrupt (for certain time?) or control it otherwise? (have to admit i did not check out the code yet, maybe that is already available)


    And the last for today: what other dualities are there waiting to be found? Wink